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Walking around town smoking a cig bat one hitter

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PuffDaddy420, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. How would yous here on gc feel about doing that? I dont think itd be sketchy if you weren't stupid about it. Where would you hold it on your personal? And if a cop stopped you for whatever reason in the world, where would you hide it/put it? Sorry for the random thread yous would probally find stupid or retarded. Im just curious, because i am about to order one of and im getting off probation soon and am no way in hell trying to get booked again.
    P.s. I got booked last 4/20, lol the irony of it happening to a stoner.
    Please reply
    Ftw smoke maryjane <3
  2. I walk around and smoke blunts/joints on the street in downtown Atlanta. But I think it kinda depends on how the cops are where you live.
  3. i usually just sit down on a bench and smoke a bowl, nobody looks twice unless they blaze. been doing this all the time for 3 years, never had a problem. nobody is going to call the cops on someone minding their own business smoking weed
  4. I do this often, smoking j's, blunts, spoons, one hitters, etc. nobody tends to give a fuck around here.

    especially the one hitter is very easily concealed in your hand.
  5. [quote name='"A Basshead"']I walk around and smoke blunts/joints on the street in downtown Atlanta. But I think it kinda depends on how the cops are where you live.[/quote]

    The cops are absolute dickheads where i live.
    I will say i have done what you said and everything. But what im thinking is say you just got done smoking either like 10 bowls or a few blunts with your boys and you wanna walk to , lets say a fastfood joint or something for munchies. As im walking i could get high as shit as were going to get food, as opposed to my boys who probally wouldnt't have a clue. I dont know, kinda like a fun vision i can see. Lol fuckkk man, sorry for the rant.
    And by the way, probation sucks ass.
    I get off jan.20th
  6. You'd be surprised, twilly123. ^

    I smoke walk around and smoke joints in my little town all the time. But that's because it's so small and no one cares enough. Depends where you live. You be the judge.
  7. In toronto I've taken hits out of a pipe, but if im walking around town usually just a small one paper j. Used to smoke a J every morning at the bus stop. No one ever called cops or even told me to put it out lol. That bus driver would smile every morning lol.
  8. I walked my dog with an apple pipe and a cop car drove pass me, then I lit a joint n the same cop car drove back.

    I love seattle.
  9. i hate when people are all paranoid about smoking in public lol its really not hard to get away with. i have smoked joints,blunts, and bowls walking down a busy street. nobody is really paying attention and if they see they dont care. ive even walked down a not so busy street with a mini bong before lol as long as your not stupid about it its not to hard to smoke in public
  10. I would just make it look like I'm actually lighting a cig. But if you are about to get off papers why risk it?
  11. Depends on where you live for sure...I can do it without to much fear, I try to do it out of sight of police, or people in general that may take objection, such as mothers with children.
  12. I do it all summer. As long as nobody is closer than 15 feet, and you keep moving you are golden. If someone gets a sniff you should be gone by the time they start looking around.
    The only time you might have a problem is if someone sees you and wants to bum a "cigg" from you (I don't smoke ciggs!).

  13. Get a 5-10 dollar one hitter cigarette style. gotta pack a lot.

  14. Are you from Australia by any chance?
  15. [quote name='"Story"']

    Are you from Australia by any chance?[/quote]

    But id love to travel there someday
  16. [quote name='"TokingOwl"']I would just make it look like I'm actually lighting a cig. But if you are about to get off papers why risk it?[/quote]

    Im just gonna do this if im with my boy heading down somewhere to grab munchies. Gotta love the feeling where your lit as fuckkk and you walk into a wendys,mcdonalds,tacobell, ect.
    But no one has seemed to answer any of my other questions?
  17. depends where you live man. i wouldn't do that where im at, people would call the cops in a second.
  18. It depends on where you live, but you will probably be fine. Don't keep a lot of weed with you though.
  19. just hold it like a cigarette. just walk like you would as if it isnt illegal but be cautious who you cross.
  20. me and my friends used to walk around smokin joints. just dont act like an idiot and you be good and toss it if you see the 50!

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