Walker Texas Ranger

Discussion in 'General' started by Crackajacks, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. I use to love Walker Texas Ranger as a kid, it was the best show but i stopped watching new ones half way threw. Then i love the quotes as i remembered loving the show as a kid. So i havent seen an episode in like 10 years till right now.

    It is the worst fucking show ever. It is terrible. The acting is so bad and lame. Walker roundhoused someone and i laughted for 14 minuties. Walker and Trevet beat the shit out of everyone. If the other person has a gun walker takes out his and tells the bad guy to throw his. the bad guy does then walker kicks thes shit outta him. If the bad guy doesnt have a gun walker just beats the shit outta him and doesnt even try to stop him with his gun. its the lamest show ever. The acting is so terrible that i wanted to cry. It has the lamest plot line and the like 80's editing like a kids transformer moive.

    im high
  2. Blasphemy, Walker is a god amongst men.
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    Conan's so fucking funny

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  4. Hell yea don't mess with Chuck Norris. Who knows of what kind of things this man is capable of.

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