Walked into my sisters room to her getting SLAMMED

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  1. I walked in my sisters room to see her and her new boyfriend who's older than her (She is 15) with her bent over, just tearing her up. Meat curtains and shit.
  2. pics or it didnt happen
  3. Damn. Was it weird or did you like it.

  4. Sounds like a classy broad.
  5. hahahahahhhahahhahhahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhaha
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    He is Indian or something. Indian weens. I don't care. I already know she has sex. He is a nice kid though. not annoying like a lot of marks.
  7. Sorry bout that bro, you need to start knocking.
  8. knock next time
  9. Hahaha....daaaammmmnnn

    Yea, knock brah...
  10. If it was my sister, I would beat the dude's ass, but my sister is 10, sooo completely different situation.
  11. atleast it wasn't your mom
  12. Knocking, never!!!! She walked into me pounding a girl a month ago so we are even now. She walked in on a real bad site though, I was pounding this bitch in a crazy way, and my ass was sort of in the air, she got a real good look at the ass-spread-ass-hair.
  13. Isn't 15 Statutory Rape in this universe?:confused:
  14. Shoulda joined in bro

  15. Not if they're both 15.

  16. The OP said he was older, but did not specify how much older.

  17. I think he has to be within three years? There are some excellent R. Crumb comix on this subject.

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