Walked in on?

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  1. So its valentines day and me and my girlfriend were making out on my couch and i took off like all her clothes and all of a sudden i hear my door open and i was like FIND YOUR CLOTHES and i shot out of the room. Stopped my mom stalled her for like 3 mins... walk back into the room with my mom and my girlfriend is naked under a blanket and we sat there with my mom talking to us scared as fuck. Then my mom went to her car to get something and i grabbed all her clothes and like rushed her into the bathroom and she got dressed... fucking insane. Thought i would share. If you got a story chime in.

    PS: I need a bowl to chill out lol.
  2. Shenanigans!
  3. I mean...put her in her room, leave her under the blanket, tell your mom you need private time on valentines? Srsly..if you're mom doesn't know you have sex by 18+ you fail.
  4. I really doubt that she would like the fact that im doing it on her brand new couch :p
  5. I had my grandfather and great uncle walk in on me and my girlfriend when I was nailing her from behind on my couch.

    They were like "OH SHIT!" and left, my girlfriend asked me if we should get dressed, and I said fuck no. We proceeded to go at it.

    Sucks for you though OP, bet you're glad your mom didn't realize hm?
  6. Dude thats fucked up.
    Yea my mom literally JUST met her at lunch and i thought she was going to be longer since she had to pickup some wine from this place that was in the middle of nowhere.... but she decided not to...ass...
  7. she knew what was up
  8. I don't see what it's a big deal if you're 18... is your gf not 18?
  9. She just wouldnt like me doing that shes funny about that....

    Your avatar reminds me of my peice
  10. I've never been walked in on by a family member. I've walked in on roommates and they've walked in on me and my girls. Normally some smart ass comment like, "Looks like fun, can I have a go?" is dropped but no one really cares.

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