Walked In On

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  1. I remember a while back my girlfriend was giving me some head, i here the phone ring and think nothing of it. So my girlfriend keeps going at it. Then i here my mom start walking down the stairs.

    Well it turned out to be my friend who was recovering from surgery. So my mom said "jonah come get the phone its andy" well my pants were around my ankles so that wasnt about to happen. I first tried convincing my mom to bring it to me, that didnt work. Then i decided to tell her id call him back later, her response every time was "No jonah come get the phone right now!"

    At this point my girlfriend was about to have a panic attack, i had no idea what the hell to do, so i decided my only choice was resistance. I continued refusing so she finally yelled "God damn it your grounded!"

    She went up the stairs i quickly slipped on my pants and ran up behind her, telling her how i was sorry and how i didnt want to upset my girlfriend by having a conversation with a friend while my girl friend was over, i know a dumb excuse but i had to come up with something quick... I was sure she knew that something was going on with me and my girlfriend and she wanted to get me in deep shit. She never acts like that, but she never brought it up again:confused:

    Oh well. anyone else have any stories?
  2. One time I was masturbating like normal when all of a sudden this sticky stuff came out of my penis.
  3. Nope never been walked in on because my boyfriend's got his own place :)
  4. Jonah like from Weeds. I like that name.

    Okay, so maybe that's Judah. Nevermind. What part of VA you in? :p
  5. One time I was masturating when I decided I needed a circumcision. Luckily I had a razorblade nearby, so I did the procedure, then came like a mother fucker. Luckily I had a towel nearby to wrap my dick in, so I didnt lose too much blood before it all clotted.

  6. Blacksburg VA virginia tech's here if that rings any bells.
  7. Were any of your friends assasinated?
  8. soooo weird
  9. as a matter of fact yes.
  10. this thread sure took a turn

  11. haha i suppose, oh well.
  12. god.... that dude was a dick..... no pun intended.

  13. yeah oh well, its bound to be brung up from time to time:(
  14. I don't get it....did your mom see you? Because it sounds like she came down the stairs while you were getting head and then you argued over the phone call for like five minutes?
  15. lol you should have walked out pants down with a boner, grabbed the phone and while looking her in the eyes turned it off and drop it to the ground before you turn away to resume your pleasure gettin'

    in all seriousness though, what a weird situation!

    i got half walked in on once...luckily i live in the basement with two sets of stairs so when i heard the door open i was just like DONT COME DOWN HERE. and my dads like why? whats wrong? the dog just wants to come see how you guys are doing lol. in my most panicked voice i was like DUDE JUST DONT COME DOWN! THE DOG CAN COME DOWN LATER! after that i think he got the picture and decided to leave.

    never heard a word about it hahaha:hello:
  16. haha i pulled a blanket over my lower half, and my girl friend sat up real quick haha.

  17. haha i wouldnt have had the nerve to be able to say that
  18. i could never fuck in my parent's house whilst my parents were still home. that's disrespecting them in their house. and i can't get horny knowing my parents are somewhere close by..
  19. So you were or you weren't walked in on?

    My brother almost walked in on me. Thankfully he had the decency to knock, which in turn lead to a "NO" from me.

  20. haha this was a while back, and there was no way i was gonna turn down some head

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