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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by moonlighthigh, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. it has happened many times that after an incident (accident, revival after being officially dead) that people wake up and have completely different personalities. people who believe in spirits say that the original spirit left and another one came in and replaced it. others think it is because of brain damage. what do you think this phenomenon could be caused from?
  2. haven't heard of it before... Could you give us some sources maybe? To make sure I'm not listening to an urban tale here...
  3. Yes, I've never heard of such a thing either. Some links to more info would be nice.

    First, where would the new spirit come from? Does one first have to assume that ghosts exist and subsequently that they are among us just waiting to snatch our bodies?

    Second, why would one spirit give up its body to another? I wouldn't imagine that it would be voluntary. Being a ghost/lost soul that is forced to walk the earth is supposed to be a punishment. Does the ghost have to trick the original spirit? Is there a battle? (which opens a whole new can of worms: how do spirits fight?)

    I dunno, to me, the spirit swapping thing seems a little hard to swallow. I think that if the phenomena exists brain damage would be the most likely cause.
  4. i've heard of it.

    i think only recently scientific theorys emerged that can sufficiently explain how this could be.

    its all to do with the possability that mind and brain are indeed so completely seperate and that "mind" can exist, chanelled by the brain, almost anywhere outside the body. hurrah for quantum mechanics huh? :D
  5. ok guys, i am going to look for some quality links so that you can see what i am talking about...
  6. *Digit wakes up*

    wha? did sombody say PMs?

  7. PMs :eek: Has Someone Got Something To Hide :rolleyes:
  8. its for your own safety. trust me. you dont want to be a fly on the wall to the mushiness :D
  9. sorry, still looking for a link...haven't even started looking, been busy doing other things (pms, e-mail, being in love)
  10. hey, u found it yet?
  11. maybe after being dead and coming back they look back on there life and see all the things they always wanted to do, things they did wrong, or things they should have done and decide to live there life differantly.

    just a thought unless i read the question wrong.
  12. i think i tmight be true. this would explain somethings, liek how sometimse we feel like we are trapped in someone else's body ... b/c the thoughts we are having are so friggin wierd. maybe thats just me.
  13. Well this is just My opinion of course, but I beleive it is possible.. See IMHO when you die your spirit moves on.. if another one happens to take over your body in enough time to reanimate it then so be it, I think it could happen.. Once a spirit, or soul has given up claim to a body.. it's basically just a shell that can be picked up and used by any other spirit around.. if it's done, again, in enough time to reanimate the body to a useful level... JMHO Of course. :)
  14. i tend to see things more "scientifically" than in the article. But i do think that its clear to see there are a great number of truths to be recognised here. I would pin alot of it down to quantum mechanics and the likes, but whatever terms are applied to such occurances, it is true to some extent none the less.

    even one was to simply reduce it down to a psychological event rather than a spiritual one, it would still stand true. the effects would be the same. only the veiw of what actually happened would have changed.

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