Wal-Mart Stores In NYC?

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    There has never been a Wal-Mart store in New York City, and there's another hearing coming up tomorrow. They've got their sights on a spot in a Brooklyn neighborhood. Bloomberg's administration is against them opening in NYC, but Wal-Mart may get in anyway.

  2. they have target and k-mart..

    why not walmart too? what's the difference?

    is wal-mart worse?

  3. You obviously haven't seen South Park then lol.

    Gotta love this Yelawolf song, He just said something about Wal-Mart lol.

    FTR: I don't give a fuck about Wal-Mart. Sure they might be evil, but shit, who isn't these days. Plus they got shit for mad cheap.

    Who's ready for Wal-Mart brand Xbox games.

    Call of Glory anybody?
  4. I think that it's the size of their stores are imposing, they're megastores. There's also concerns about Wal-Mart's labor practices in the U.S., their dealings with manufacturing abroad, etc. On the bright side, it'll create jobs - they'll be 10X as many applicants as there are job openings, even though they don't pay well. I think that the residents are more welcoming to this chain, than business people.
  5. aren't target's labor practices and dealings abroad just as shady? I know there was no Target documentary made.. but i always looked at them as one in the same...

    i do understand the fears of putting it into a small brooklyn neighborhood though.. they really do fuck with the small mom and pop stores bigtime.
  6. I wouldn't say Target and Wal Mart are exactly the same, though very similar.

    Wal Mart has had this business plan for a while and has a huge share of the market. This makes them a political and economic powerhouse unlike Target which is large, but no where near as large.

    I actually met one of the Daytons, and let me tell you I don't think 4 of his siblings are in the world's top 10 richest people. Walton and his children are, or were, I'll have to go look it up.

    They have actually come to be between the 12th and 18th richest people, but still. Four Walton kids are on the worlds billionaires list by Forbes. You don't see any Daytons on there.
  7. A Wal Mart employee would have to work 1000 years to make what top WalMart execs make.

    WalMart policies have driven down wages in their work sector all across America.

    They are a lttle bit evil.

    Fuck WalMart.
  8. I think they should keep them out, they dont need Walmart. When I was in NYC I liked all the small shops, and walmart wont help that
  9. Ok that would be true with just about every fourtune 500 company.
  10. My wife would like to have a small Wal-Mart nearby us, maybe even have a part time job there.
  11. Oxymoron detected

    System powering down in 3..2..1
  12. Fuck Wal-Mart
  13. There was no Wal-Mart in my neighborhood until about 3 years ago.

    Then it happened.

    The farmer's market across the street went out of business. They had a real butcher. Tons of fresh spices and produce. It was great, especially for a cooking family like mine. International shit with labels not even in English.
  14. Wal Mart actually lobbies to increase the minimum wage because they are the only ones that can employ that many people and continue to pay all of them at least $8/hr. This contributes to competitors going out of business.

  15. From 2005...

  16. One fact is that Walmart is great for seniors and others on fixed incomes. They sell cheaper, sometimes much cheaper, than their competitors.
  17. Fuck Wal-Mart. Especially in areas that are still diverse in shopping and culture, let me be the first to say how disgusted i was when i went thru their "commi-section" and then saw their products in my own home. Im not saying that your actually gettin a choice when you buy most of your shit because most brands are grouped and owned by single owners just under different names. BUT, when i walk down an isle of all white boxes sayin great value (insert food product) and then a single flavor of said product i cant help to think of where were headed.

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