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Wal-Mart randoms?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by YotaMan95, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. I'm sorry I know posts like this come up a lot, but recently I had interviews with Wal-Mart and had the first initial drug test and passed, and have orientation next Tuesday.
    My question is.. do they do random drug tests once you pass the first pre employment test? I have been clean for 4 months and I have this sack of flower staring me in the eye. But I could use the second job cause things are tight so if they do do randoms I don't want to fuck it up and piss dirty
  2. Wow. Walmart makes u pee test.? How does anyone there have a job.? I figured they just mouth swabbed
  3. I believe they will only drug test you if you get hurt on the job and you want to sue.
  4. Crazy right? And its sent to a lab out of state too. I don't see how they could do randoms at a place like that when my main job (UPS) doesn't test for shit unless you have a cdl
    Thank you sir :D now it's time to see how much this long ass t break paid off
  5. I have friends that work at walmart and they have a
    once a month random UA for I believe 5 employees
    at a time like clock-work. This could vary by state or
    proprietor but I definitely suggest researching your
    employment documents for the answer you seek and
    local laws and regulations online.
  6. Used to work for Sam's Club in CA. One time test, no randoms...BUT...if you get in an accident (cart to vehicle, shopping cart into member, you fall) etc they WILL DT you
  7. But as Quali said, check the laws and your initial papers.
    Walmart is the fucking worst employer in the world, fuck them. Non unionized, hours fluctuate violently to the point I was barely able to put food on my table, managers will do everything to fire you.
    That place will break you down, be prepared
  8. Hmm alright well I'm a bit confused so I probably should just hold off for a bit longer and ask the people I'm going to be working with. Thank you all
  9. It's unlikely but check your work terms for sure. Been there done that bud. Best if luck.
  10. Fuck Walmart

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  11. I have never heard of wal mart giving randoms. Worst case scenario you lose a min wage job
  12. Try asking another employee since he's had experience on the job.
  13. My younger brother works there as a manager. NO random tests unless you're injured. And even then they usually won't because if you are subjected to a piss test you can request other employees also be tested and then Walmart will have no one to work for them haha.
  14. The title made me think this would be about "randoms" who walk up to you outside walmart to ask if you know where to get any bud -_-
  15. Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?! You are worried about losing a job at wal mart?! Is there something wrong with you?  Do you have some major character flaw that keeps you from attaining a job where you don't have to paricipate in morning chants and get treated like shit or what?  Is your self esteem so low that you will work one of the shittiest jobs on the planet and actually worry about getting fired?  What is it?  I am worried about you.
  16. Lol I've got this friend and every time I'm with him someone comes up and asks where they can get bud. It's funnier because he's straight edge but just always looks high.

    For the guy above me not cool man. You shouldn't put people down for valuing something you wouldn't.

    Can't believe all the drug tests you have over there. Never been tested for any job. That'd feel shitty.
  17. Actually I am waiting to go full time at ups driving for them, I just have a year and a half till I meet age requirements so I wanted a second job that doesn't involve much work or effort
  18. #18 Talon, Nov 10, 2014
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    Pre employment and that's it
  19. So since I already passed that one I'm good right?
  20. Ok.  Still, be careful.  I hear they employ soul sucking demons to work as floor managers, and it is their life purpose to turn every employee under them into a lifeless sack of flesh and bones and keep them in walmart forever.

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