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Wal Mart kief sifter

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by bigloudvtwin, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Well it's almost all from wal mart. I got the silkscreen off of ebay. It's only 90 micron openings but good quality kief only in the tote.
    I cut a hole in the end and hot glued half of a plastic jar with the lid for loading/unloading. Rotiserie was $25, tote was $4.97 silkscreen was $14 and I used about a third of it.
    This pile is from about an ounce of trim/shake. I'm going to keep stock piling it and press it into some really nice hard pucks. Peace

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  2. very innovative, needs to be a smaller version looks like hidden raffle game
  3. I like this A LOT!!!! Im going to try and make it smaller and put a glass baking pan under it. IMO it would be easier to scrape up the kief from glass than plastic. Plus you might end up scraping bits of plastic.

    I got an old RONCO SHOWTIME ROTISSERIE. Maybe that would work without using the heat feature and then put the glass pan on the bottom.

    I cant wait till I harvest to have some trim to do this!!!
  4. I was gonna put some glass under it but, the kief actually ends up on the sides of the tote as well. I just use a credit card or similar to scrape it up so no plastic comes off. I'm going to have a lot of trim for this soon and am not gonna need to get too picky about getting it all. Probably going to end up with bout 10-15 grams of kief. It'll press into a nice little brick. In hind sight i should have used a larger jar to glue in (mason jar size only plastic) oh well. Peace
  5. Awesome man definitely going to try this with my own spin on it but great idea!
  6. Use a small paint brush It will work better than a CC.
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    The kief wouldn't stick in the bristles? I have to think you'd lose some in there, although it would be a very miniscule amount. With the CC you don't really lose any, some kief might stick to it because of static, but you can just remove that with a knife or something similar.

    To the OP, nice work. You've inspired me to attempt to make my own in the future!
  8. You should find a way to collect it rather then having it just go inside the tote. maybe metal duct work?

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