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Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by WhiteGuy88, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. 36F1785F-CE57-4EE2-A84A-247B0750D9A0.jpeg A69913A0-EA41-42EA-BA8A-84A85F620534.jpeg CAF32777-68FF-48CC-B525-B1E46A4F35B9.jpeg Hard to believe i found this at Wal-Mart, $7.99 selling 8lb bricks now, no additional amendments or nutrients added, just 100% pure Coco Coir, what do you guys think?
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  2. It will probably be ok - just rinse it well and pre charge before you plant. Make sure you add 30% perlite to your mix.
    Good luck.
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  3. Interesting that they call it "expanding soil" when coco is not soil. :rolleyes:
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  4. I tried a bag it has alot of small particles so you need to run it through a strainer and also you will need to buffer this coco . It's alot of work and mess. You can buy Canna coco 40 liter for under $30
    So worth it.
    How to Prepare and Buffer Coco Coir
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  5. I jumped into a coco grow without understanding what I was getting into, I thought I was getting a less labor intensive grow style I was very wrong lol
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  6. Canna coco with canna nutes is the easiest ive ever done. I overfeed, barely flush and let it dry out all the time lol and still kill it.
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  7. I'm doing the canna line now they just started flowering.
    No problems here.
    A little expensive to get started .
    Hoping it pays off.
  8. You can always buffer the coco using calcium and magnesium nitrate, expand the brick with ro water then flush as much water through it until the run off is debris free. Then prepare the buffer solution to 200PPM in RO and flush it again until the runoff leachate is also 200 ppm
  9. Cocoforcannabis.com was nice. I been running coco from menards & walmart and canna. Canna coco coir was the most ph stable. Mostly ran Canna nutes the whole time. lately tho im experimenting with Biobizz in flowering.

    IMG_1325.JPG IMG_6976.JPG

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  10. The canna nutes hold their ph steady also I mix 7 gallons at a time at 3/4 strength and the ph stays steady never moving until maybe day 3 then it'll start to drift upwards.

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