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Waking up + Masturbation= :)

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by DV, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Does anyone else do this?

    Lately I have been finding it a really nice way to wake up
    with an orgasm, I would have sex but my bf never gets up.
    So I figure the next best thing right?

    wake up, mess around, :smoking:, and off to work.

  2. :laughing:

  3. One time in class because I guess everyone else was looking tired or something, my professor asked me if I took an "extra long shower" that morning. He just started laughing right after he said it and moved on. It was awkward...

    I actually hadn't that morning, but who hasn't done this? I have.:eek::cool:
  4. Waking up with a boner every morning, its hard NOT to do it.
  5. I don't know the guy, but come on... What a wanker.

    Think about it. Next time you wake up and you want to get off, wake up your lazy ass boyfriend. He'll have morning wood and you're good to go. :D
  6. Oh I see what you did there;

  7. I used to, but then I got pregnant and that complicates things. ><
  8. Almost every day while I'm at work I'll get a text from my girlfriend: "just had a wonderful morning orgasm" or "wish you could have been here so i wouldn't have to use my vibrator" or more explicit stuff. Frustrating as hell, plus I'm usually in scrubs, so a boner is a very bad thing.
  9. ^^^
    Haah love the responses.
    Well I mean I know guys have morning wood, but I've never known
    other girls who do that in the morning. Idk.

    And that lazy mf won't get up to do anything when he's exhausted.
    Trust me I try...:devious:
  10. i only jerk off when i wake up if i have time to fall back asleep for at least 2 more hours. :laughing:
    for real though. not playin.
  11. i normally wank it before bed
    *looks at clock*
  12. I have dubbed masturbating when you first wake up the Wake and Jerk
  13. very original :rolleyes: lol
  14. I prefer Morning Glory :p
  15. some times after i smoke then its ever better
  16. awww your bf needs to satisfy ur needs....

    sex in the morning when you first wake up is an awesome way to start your yea next best thing is maturbation is always nice
  17. Wake and shake :D
    To OP, wait for your boyfriend to wake up?
  18. i absolutely love having sex right after i wake up

    but jacking it in the morning never sounds like very much fun to me...
  19. Well I can't really wait for him.
    I work and so does he.
    A lot of times opposite schedules...
    but we fit it in when we can.

  20. I lol'd :D

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