Waking Up High Type Feeling?

Discussion in 'General' started by CudderIsBackk, May 28, 2013.

  1. im not a big smoker first off bc it makes self conscience but i do some sometimes for sleep aid. When im high i feel paranoid and dumb. But ive been noticing this feeling ive had the morning i wake up from smoking the other night. I know for a fact its the weed bc when i wake up i feel different....I feel more calm, mellow, and chill, BUT i actually dont feel the paranoia feeling weed normally gives me, I have anxiety, but ive noticed when i wake up high, my anxiety smoothly drifts away and isnt as intense from my normal feelings. This calming feeling doesnt last though, and when it fades away my anxiety comes back :( Does anybody else relate to this? Is there a weed that could give me this type of mellow, care-free feeling without making me paranoid or self conscience?

  2. A good strong indica should do.
  3. indica strains will affect your body more and mellow you out, while sativa strains will affect your mind 
  4. What are you paranoid of the most?
  5. its more of a self conscience type of paranoia. When im high i think too much about everything and feel super awkward, it sucks. Its mainly bc when im high i just tend to feel dumb and my brain feels blank. When this happens, i often cant think of what to say to people and then i turn quiet. When im quiet its the worse and i just start to have bad trips and feel more awkward around others. I just wish weed didnt make me as dumb but could actually motivate me to socialize or be happy instead of making me feel like a fucking zombie!!! lol

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