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  1. hmm why do we look outside for guidance all the time? everyone found out either through; someone, or themselves. you need no one else, if they found it, why couldnt you?
  2. Because assuming what other people say is true, is a lot easier than verifying the information for ones self.
  3. people need people. I believe you can find guidance in yourself though.
  4. "Knowing others is wisdom; Knowing the self is enlightenment..."
  5. Yeah but when we dont find someone else saying it we forget about the concept as an unexplainable thing, impossible for us to understand. This is what is being missed, we have the answer, we just have to find it.
  6. Keep a journal or something if you actually wanna know the things that run through your mind.. :rolleyes:
    I'd say some come here because they're constantly critisized/judged/looked down upon by the others they run into in their daily life, maybe it's better to be critisized/judged/looked down upon by anonymous people you don't know, than by everyone you do know. just my opinion there but.. should be nice to/love everyone cuz you never know who they are, they just might be you one day, or vice versa.
    peace and love mothers.
  7. I think you are misunderstanding what im saying, im nto saying its bad to come here. I think its great; im here. I mean that when you cannot find the right answer or when what someone else says has little to no evidence that you can verify or even reason, you should look for your own answer. Specially since whenever we run into these questions they are usually good questions
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    Perhaps not everyone is looking for an answer? yeaah
  9. If you think about it and you realise that you are not looking for any answer at all regarding our universe, what/who we are, how the universe took itself and made us, i hope you know it already; or else you should do a bit more thinking out of the normal shallow where all you do is think about relationships in your life, tv, music, news, think about yourself. analyze yourself, what we do, why, how, then when you get these answers maybe try to develope your own questions that fit with your answers, see how some things we think seem not to make sense, but we can find what does when we think about it
  10. Already figured out, spent too much time trying to do so aas it is mang
  11. We're all the same person, why we bother saying anything is merely for entertainment

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