wake up ,your going to be late for school!

Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Jan 14, 2002.

  1. wake up this aint no retrierment home ,this is bad you got so stoned last night you ate the but its a new day and i am getting a new cat this morning dudes so where is evey one i am lonely so very ,lonely!do i have to start selling no doze on grasscity !this is like hg wells book everyones gone ,maybe i am the last one here ,help! hello lucy i am home ,try shock treament it may help! i am shakeing a bag of good weed! yummmy yummmy yummmy! i am blowing smoke at the screen ! i am cleaning the screen i lol and you know what! wake the fuck up grasscity !yahookas down again and i need my fix bitches,lol mary had a little jane ,now she's all fucked up again! you guys are going to get latter man i am write this down and tilling the teach!lolbecause that bitch is sleeping in to,one word "speed"! you need it i on the other hand am just fucking pist no ones awake but me !your wife put the coffie on its time to wakey up !some one ate the rooster?
  2. Rainman is on fire this morning! Have a great day mate, good luck with the puss cat mission. Cats are cool.
    As for me I'm login out and having a quick night cap and calling it a day.

  3. have a good one ! hope to see you soon,tazz11
  4. Lucy can't help you... She's in the sky with diamonds :p
  5. whats up selenita its 5;03 in the morning here ive been doing research i bit ive read 0ver 45 thousand post to night ,lot of coffie!!! i do like that song better stoned.i guess i push my self to much i am jacked up on meds and i cannt feel them ! this morning is my day of rest i sleep for 4 hrs but i am all right i guess or i would take a sleeping pill and sleep for 8 -10 hrs but thats a last thing type of rest! are you setting in front of computer looking good and just trying to roll a joint ,i picture you with dark hair blue eyes and firey lips ! spain what world away as we speak,you live in a great land for love! good luck to you and remember the ink dosent cost anything ,lucy what a gal .the smile ,funny ,a kisser i guess ,well i have to check out yahooka before i sleep ,keep it hot and sweet and out of jail ! hugs!
  6. QUOTE]Originally posted by the rainman!
    spain what world away as we speak,you live in a great land for love! [/QUOTE]
    Hah! I am not the way you described me :D
    Anyway, I promise Spain is not so cool... but some places are.. Sb please stop my fingers before I start criticising this countryyyy. Huh, I could control myself... pheww.

    Take care, & don't worry, I won't care about the prize of ink.

  7. Hah! I am not the way you described me :D
    Anyway, I promise Spain is not so cool... but some places are.. Sb please stop my fingers before I start criticising this countryyyy. Huh, I could control myself... pheww.

    Take care, & don't worry, I won't care about the prize of ink.
    [/QUOTE]i am 3/4 blind, looks are not the guides of my soul! you far over come your draw backs with fine wit and good taste! well to do with in the ink! i am sorry about spain for you ,ive been to many countrys and spain is a fine country with much to give to the world...." for one to see true peauty he has only to close his eyes and open his mind and heart." your cool ! i could care what you look like as long as your my friend and i can read your post within the ink, you brighten my days ,i am spending time on a new site jazzdpb.com hope to see you there some times, good look tazz11
  8. *She had replied, but the reply didn't appear*

    My first reply was better but... oh well *sighs*

    I've visited the site u mention & I even posted there :) But I think that if I can't keep very active here (or my own crappy forum), I can't there either. Anyway I liked the look. Good luck on it, Tazz.
  9. whats up spainish gal ,their geting started i saw you their ! i am just a member there .but stop in when you can they are trying hard to get off the ground and fine members like your self make the best freinds to have now! i go to 4 sites so i know what your saying! good luck and hope to see you any were i can! "or on my own crappy forum) what forum is that ?
  10. hehe... it's the forum on my site...(there's a link on my profile) I post thingies there & expect my chat friends to post as well... but most postings are my own, so myself has kinda stopped posting there.

    I called it Epicurian Garden, & maybe once it will become a place to talk openly about anything that comes to the mind.

    Huh, I imagine you are sort of hyperactive! I couldn't post in 4 sites regularly!
  11. i read as mush as i can ,my eyes are failing and idont know how long i well be able to see ,so i am reading over 5000,web pages aday now! cant help it have to have input,lol in a week i have reafd every web page in ebay and now iam rereading some to keep up with the prize changeing rates,and listing trun overs. its cool i remember 75% of everthing i read.i was looking at a 10,500.bike haybusa blue and silver with 185 on the dash .its a shame i cant ride them anymore ,it seams that they get these thing tolate ,lol i lost you there where is your site! ok i get it now .so whats up gal hows things going for you there ? tazz11
  12. Damn, Rainman, you are a trip. I think I could handle you though.
  13. where ya from and whats your story? i like meeting new people ,so let us know if your a he or she or what ever in todays world its not a biggy but helps us relate to you ,give me input !!!!! need input!!!!!!! good luck tazz11
  14. tazz..you have the best attitude of anyone I have "met" on any boards!! I search for your posts on the boards I visit, before reading any others. You are a very special individual,and I wish I had your spirit!! I hope for a very long future of reading and replying to your posts.Peace to you my "board" brother!!!!
  15. Well, there is nothing I would rather do than talk about myself, so here goes *takes hit from the bong*.

    age 24
    blue eyes
    world class athlete in baseball and boxing
    own my own lawn service
    I usually post on wrestling websites, but they think I'm too weird, imagine that, too weird for a wrestling website.
    Dandy Warhols, Oasis, and Garbage are my favorite bands
    I've been posting like a madman and I've recently gotten out of my little depression. I had to resolve some things, and I feel like a new man.
    Went to Austin College in Sherman, Tx and played baseball.
    Transferred to UT to come here in Austin to play in a band.
    I want to rule the world someday and be an action hero.
    Sometimes I can elevate right off the ground if given the right potion.
    Hobbies: collecting discarded clothes at marathons, fishing, gambling, drinking, smoking, chewing, bowling, posting, playing darts, playing tennis, playing ping pong, taking cross country vacations, smoking out with friends.
    I need a girlfriend and I'm working on it. I'll land one sooner or later.

    You can check me out in all of my glory at this other forum as well. It is the random section of a mainly wrestling website, but there are alot of guys that are cool over there as well. Check out my thread: "Just chill dude. You know" I think that's it, anyway. I'll see yall around like a doughnut.

  16. cowboy ,i hope to get back on track soon ! and i like read a lot of post here as well as other sites !any one can condition their spirit to be full of life and wisdom its easyer to just go threw life not doing it! but the reward of trying is far greater than not!many things have made me who i am and i got to say i've meet many here that i am prode to have met! if i was to say only one thing that has made me this way it would be useing my mind to see not my eyes and not judgeing things i see by what they look like but by what they are and how they relate to other things as well as themself and others!my sister has been sick and i had good news today so i am here more soon i hope... good luck tazz11
  17. pelorico, its good to know you ! and boxings hard work aint it! i love the running and bag work! i was in the arts for many years and still enjoy them some on the side lines! its very rewarding to the spirit and soul ,dont worry about them thinking your weird they have not meet me yet! lol, cool i want to rule time , matter and space! i can relate! good beach frontish on earth.woman thats all you need! help your self to as many as you want, be honist, smart and respectfull of them and they well find you! be your self ,you sound like you have your path chosen before you,thats all any one needs to have a great and meaningful life! and aint that what counts,hope to see you in the ink ,dude ...good luck tazz11
  18. Wise, wise words. Sorry haven't posted for awhile, I've been out of town. You're pretty cool. I really think the same way about alot of things. Or atleast I can, but sometimes I don't because of my negativity and pessimism. But you know what? That usually disappears when I'm blazed, like I am right now.

    Anyway, I'm about to be completely out and nowhere to turn. I have just made alot of 1 time connections but nothing steady. I'll just have to hustle some tomorrow...or beg.

    Who is Tazz?

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