Wake up to getting a bj

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  1. How many of you guys really like this? I've wanted to do this to my husband for so long but he's never allowed it to happen. He's grumpy when he's woken up and he doesn't have to be up yet. Any tips on how I can accomplish this without feeling like a pervert?
  2. *raises hand*
  3. It's great!

    I hate be woken up too!

    But trust me,he won't be grumpy once he feels that warm,wet,delightful sucking feeling.:cool:
  4. I was gonna say...

    I'm always fucking grumpy if someone wakes me up, no matter who they are.
    If you know me, then don't wake me up unless you want a verbal beating.

    But if I woke up because of a blow-jay... then by all means I will stretch my arms and smile!

    Just do it :)
  5. Mmmkay I'll keep trying to do it. Fuck, I'd love to be woken up by him fingering me or licking my pussy.
  6. I've woken up to one while camping with an ex-girlfriend; it was pouring rain and my initial thought was "FUCK.. the rain's getting inside of the tent". A second later I realized my "rain" felt more like my girlfriend's lips getting my dick wet, haha. But seriously, do it, and if he's grumpy about it he's fucking crazy.. morning head's the best :)
  7. If he's still upset that you woke him up by a warm blowjob...

    I guarantee you he'll be sleepy again one you finish!
  8. Heh,too bad we're both taken. ;)

  9. Damn :smoke:
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    I can't understand why someone wouldn't want this :confused: I personally love it, I've never woken up with such a huge smile on my face :p

    Maybe if you timed it for when he has to get up, e.g. he sets the alarm for 6:00AM, wake up at 5:55AM turn the alarm off before it activates and begin at 6 when he intended to awaken.

    I'm sure he'll stop freaking out when he's looked at the clock and realised what your up to ;)

    Edit: If him "not being in the mood" is a problem maybe only do it if he has morning wood, that's usually a pretty good sign someones in the mood or atleast has been having dirteh dreams.
  11. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and ask my girl if she wants to have sex.....usually she's down.

    60% of the time,it works every time.:cool:
  12. I dunno if he sometimes wakes up with morning wood like myself, but if he does than that should be ideal.

    What if he didn't even wake up :p
  13. She ever down to be woken up by you fucking her? That'd be hot...roll her over and stick it in. I'd orgasm right away if I woke up to a dick inside me :D
  14. Probably,but she's not on the pill,so I'd have to get up and put a condom on and all that junk,so she'd probably wake up from me getting out of bed.

    Sometimes I wake up finding myself dry humping her ass(we usually sleep naked or close to it)then we wake up and I go Berzerk on her.Tis why they call me Berzerker.;)
  15. LOL that's awesome

  16. WHY?!?!?! WHY DID U HAVE TO GET MARRIED?!?!?! WHY GOD?!?!?! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry:
  17. I popped a woody after reading the title and first 2 sentences, if that helps anything at all.

  18. LOL sorry :p

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