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Wake up after a night of being super stoned?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wayytoognar, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Yoo, I was just wonderin' what you all feel like the morning after a night of being super cooked. I get it where my head feels like full of pressure, not hurting really but a very weird sensation, and my neck usually feels the same way, and sometimes I get a gnarly this normal?:confused:
  2. relaxed, but probably slept light, so I would appreciate a nice bed at the end of the day, because my energie is gone fast.
  3. I dont really know any more it just seems normal now..... i mean im totally baked every night before bed.
  4. Its pretty normal to have a small headache when you wake up from a huge smokeout. Its more of a drowsy feeling for me until I light up another in the morn:smoke:
  5. I always feel refreshed, cause it helps me sleep.
  6. I don't feel different at all. I'm not high, but I don't have a headache like you do. Never happened to me.
  7. ya i usually just feel refreshed. maybe after 420 or some occasion like that, i'll feel really sluggish the next day.
  8. I always wake up refreshed and ready to go for the day. Even if I have to wake up early for work or something.
  9. Who knows if it weed or pills that make me groggy every morning. Been use to it for years :rolleyes:though
  10. If i greened out, like last night =[ , then like poop. If I didn't, then yes VERY refreshed. Like re-incarnated ha ha jkay but fresh yeeeaaaaa
  11. Your sig pic is the first thing that comes up on a google if you type in blue dream btw. :smoke:
  12. Most of the time I wake up just fine. I have to smoke before bed or else I'm afraid I'll dream again, which has really fucked me up in the past.
  13. I was blazed on some indica last night that made me sleepy. I actually woke up mid sleep and kind of realized I was still high and went back to sleep.

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