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Wake the fuck up America

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BudLover424, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. NORML and LEAP do such great work. I'm really appreciative of the efforts they put out... But I don't think ANYTHING will change the current situation right now. Give it some more time until new generations take office and hope they wont be as swayed by money as current politicians are.
  2. the people who were born before the internet, have to die first
  3. Are you suggesting something?!?

  4. A lot of them already have. A majority of internet users are people >18 believe it or not.

  5. unfortunately, this is what people in the 70s were saying...
  6. Money sways people. I'm afraid our generations of today are just as greedy as every other generation before us has been. Still, we can hope.

    No, most of them haven't. The internet isn't that old. It's just that most older folks don't bother learning to use the net well.
  7. They're going to have a vote saying marijuana will be legalized for 21+ in 2012 in some upcoming election in maine. and since the majority of people in maine voted to legalize medicinal marijuanma and to have dispensaries, i believe this vote should turn out in our favor
  8. It's up in the air in my opinion.

    Medical marijuana and decriminalization both really hurt the legalization efforts. If it's already medical/decrim'd then a lot of voters will simply say "well, that's enough". I personally believe the decriminalization of marijuana in California is what killed prop 19 (it was 19 wasn't it? I may be off).

    It's a shame because both of them are jokes. Decriminalization doesn't make any fucking sense because it says it's against the law but it kind of isn't '_- what the fuck is that? And medical, while it helps a lot of people and I'm glad it does... It shouldn't be medical marijuana, it should just be completely legal marijuana that some people can choose to use for medical benefits.
  9. More people need to see this =\
  10. It lost last time which was a big surprise to be honest I never believe that we have control over whether it's legal or not the voting system doesn't even print you a receipt. It was the worst thing ever last November I heard from a bunch of people that it did become legal so I'm all smoking out, calling up all my friends and telling them it's all legal now and then I found out the bill actually didn't pass. Worst buzzkill ever.:(
  11. I agree with what their doing for once the politians seem to be doing something right.

  12. That's a bit harsh bro, and obviously they're not the only people against it.
  13. I wonder how many times I've heard a variation of this stupid ass "argument"? :rolleyes:
  14. The second it does become legal, I am going to offer my parents a hit off the vape. Gonna be a good fuckin' day.
  15. Lessgo motherfuckers. Its about time.

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