Wake n bake vomit?

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  1. Hey GC good morning I'm up super early to finally ask why I vomit after early wake n bake sessions. Ok so I use to live in CO so I know good from bad flushed from unflushed and it's neither of those. This bowl is a mike Tyson tko but in CO I've had the same issues. If it's like 6am-8am if I smoke I can about bet money I'll be vomiting soon, I just start getting the feeling and it's better to be around a hole then back in bed. Dabs do the same but I'm not going to dab city every morning either normally just a hit of the ole bowl and normally I smoke everyday and have been for the past 7 years and have had this issue on and off. My buddy told me it was all the resin and shit settling in my throat that night while I slept but I figured there was probably something to it. Also I can vomit, wash mouth out, brush my teeth, and rehit with no problems truly
    Making it a one and done situation. Have a good one GC ✌️
  2. maybe its the empty stomach? didn't hear you mention it so I thought I would bring it up
  3. Did you cough really hard after taking a hit? Gaging yourself.....
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  4. I wake up with nausea everysingle day. If I smoked while nauseous I would probably vomit. You have any stomach problems? Or eatting before bed - can cause morning nausea
  5. That is kind of odd. I don't know what to tell you as I'm not sure what all could be causing it. Are you taking too big of hits? Is your piece not well suited for you? I certainly don't think it's resin or anything like that settling in your throat causing it. Usually, herb is curing my nausea and shit, not causing it, so I don't know what to attribute this to.

  6. Hey sorry everyone the real world got me busy. Thanks for the replies but normally I eat a bunch of food after I smoke..... Hmmmm lol if it's the food in guessing it's the Mixture of everything blending at night. Piece is clean I made sure to change when it happened first went from bowl to chilly and no huge time just a normal chief to get things going. Even when I spew brush my teeth drink some water I could clear "a water pipe" lol but yea I could get down on whatever after and no problems. Being the doctor that I am my guess it's from being high eating 4 doughnuts half a gallon of milk frito bbqs graham crackers and icing and god knows what else. Possibly if not I guess it'll help me stay a good buck fiddy lol oh well as long as I don't start spewing green like ppl spew that white after a line lol. Have a good weekend GC Tis the season!!
  7. Lol stop eating so much junk food for bed.
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  8. If you cough alot when you smoke that could be the cause

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