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  1. Hey everyone just wanted to start a conversation about your routine and or favorite thing to do before or after your morning smoke? What's the thing that makes your stoned morning even more special, I'm talking about on your day off work or school. When your not rushed. And you have all the time in the world!
    I enjoy waking up around 8 and eating a breakfast of eggs, sausage & grits. Then go smoke a joint outside. While listen to reggae music(for some reason it makes me smile, starting the morning off happy).
    Then maybe cereal. Take a shit and stare at high times. Change clothes, then I'll either watch a movie or play video games. Later I hit up my friends to see what their up to.
    That's how my non-work/school mornings go.

    Thanks everybody, stay high!

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  2. Wake up at 4:19Start Xbox 360 up with cartoon already in itSmoke and watch that shit at 4:20.Usually go back to sleepSent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
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    Wake up, smoke a bowl, smoke a cig, take a shit, and smoke another bowl. then its whatever from there on out. Cup of tea or coffee, more smoking, and reading my news before i go out for the day
  4. On a weekend morning when I've got nowhere to be and no one to see?
    I roll over, grab the pipe, and hit that shit. Then I just like to wrap an arm around my girl, who always sleeps later than I do, and just soak in the moment. Then once my high has worn down, I'll get up and make a cup of coffee before enjoying a joint out on the porch. Just when I reckon everyone else will be waking up in the house, I'll usually start cooking brekkie.
    And that's why it sucks that you don't have me as a roommate. :smoke:
  5. you wake up and smoke while you fry bacon
    read your emails and other notifications
    are you stoned after you eat?
    if yes, go take a shower,
    if not, hotbox your bathroom.

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