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Wake n' Bake Question.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 476719, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Hello GC,

    How much time can pass from the moment you wake up to the moment you smoke in order to consider it a wake n' bake?

    I've been up for about 25 minutes and I'm going to smoke right now regardless, but I was just wondering if I could call it a wake and bake.

    Thanks all!
  2. uhhh really the time doesnt matter as much as what you did, if you were just laying in bed then yes its wake n bake, if u got dresses took shower - then it aint a wakey, see what i meaan maayyyyyyyyyneeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. I'd say it counts if it's the first REAL thing you did.
    Waking up and pooping then smoking, I'd say is still Wake'n Bake. As you have to do that, or poop em when you cough.
    However, A shower is different, it's a task you are doing. So that would not be Wake'n bake.

    Hell, man, I'll be honest, I'm just talkin out my ass xD
    Just toke up, It's wake;n bake time
  4. I guess I'd say about an hour. When I wake and bake I usually just get out of bed take a piss then pack up the bong and smoke. Sometimes if I gotta take the browns to the super bowl I'll load up the bong and smoke while doing so.:bongin:
  5. I put some jeans on, checked facebook, and then read the grasscity forums for about 15 minutes. I'm going to smoke right now regardless if it's a wake and bake. :D
  6. meh, somedays i considered it a wake and bake even if i'd been up for several hours on the computer waiting for my friend to wake up, then toked with him outside with our coffees and started the day (other tasks) only after all that.

    i don't really care though, it doesn't have to be called a wake n bake but i just call it that because i don't start my day officially until after i've toked and enjoyed my morning and shit
  7. lol browns to the super bowl
  8. Yeah man, It doesn't matter if it's called a wake n' bake or not. I'm high right now and everything is gooooood :)

    Blazing it up with a cup of coffee sounds really good too, man. I might get some from starbucks soon...
  9. i just consider a wake and bake smoking when im still in that waking up daze
  10. I think a wake and bake is when you first wake up and your still dazed and you smoke. Waking up then doing any kind of task that takes more then 2 minutes followed by smoking is just an early morning toke but there both good.
  11. I honestly cant even come up with any kind of legit definition or rule for the wake and bake. I think as long as you've kinda just woken up it should count, regardless of tasks and whatnot.:smoke:
  12. I consider it mainly just if you smoke in the morning. I like to take my time waking up sometimes, so I need like an hour before I really do anything substantial. I've only WAB'ed twice ever and each time I waited about an hour or so after waking up.
  13. wake up bake up gotta get my cake up
  14. Rise and Shine, that's what my friends and I call it when we meet up before school.
  15. its a wake in bake unless you brush your teeth and shower first! i love brushin and washin when im high cant beat it haha
  16. has anyone tried sleeping while smkin weed? you know what would be crazy-er? sleep walking and toking..
  17. I usually take a piss, make some coffee, and smoke a bowl or two.

  18. in the cut in the cut rollin doobies up:cool:

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