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Wake & Bake...Happy Saturday, everyone!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Jun 21, 2003.

  1. I am fried outta my head! :D

    (I can't find the song I want. Don't you hate when you can't find the song that you realy want to listen to because you're too high to notice it as you scroll through?)

    Anyway...WOW! It's a beautiful day! We have had so much rain that any day with sunshine is going to make me a very happy girl!!! I hope you all have a beautiful day to experience too.

    Happy Saturday!

    OH! I found the song!

    "I'm feelin' okay this mornin'
    And you know,
    We're on the road to paradise
    Here we go, here we go"

  2. HIGH All, oohhh ya it is a beauti day isn't it. It's cloudy up here right now but "they" say it'll be sunny by this afternoon.

    Happy Saturday back at ya RMJL and of coarse All the other Bladies and Blades.
  3. what music player are you using rumjil? Winamp has this wonderful feature where you press j (for jump) and it brings up a window where you can start typing part of the name of what you want to listen to and it will narrow down the songs in the window and you can click on it in there. Makes it much easier to find songs when you have 2400 like I do.
  4. happy saturday indeed! :D
    trying to get outside today to see some more of this beautiful state. it really likes to rain a lot in OR!

    good going on the song search rmjl :)
  5. today sucked- woke up with a phone call with my ex-girlfriend that was going pretty good, until she found out i'm seeing other people. i guess i'm not allowed to do this? next- had to get dressed at the crack of noon to mow the lawn, then a friend came over and we lugged the lawn mower around the neigborhood trying to cut peoples lawns for money, no one wanted us to..maybe it was the "help support my drug habbit" sign around my neck. well now i'm just chillin' waiting for a bunch of people coming over tonight and we're gunna get a half z hopefully. glad everyone else is having a good saturday sofar!
  6. Well fuck!!!!!!! I knew this was supposed to cheer me up but I had a very bad day!!!!!

    I hope ya'll enjoy today and the rest of the weekend!!!!!

    If I brought you down,, Please accept my apologies!!!!!
  7. Bud Head...I love you! :)

    I'm heading out for a bonfire party in a little while. My birthday is soon so we are celebrating early. I had a few totem poles, a lot of beer and the recommended daily allowance of weed times like 10 so life is really fucking sweet right now. I'm horny as hell but maybe I might just get something done about that tonight with some lucky guy...or well, you know! ;)

    C'mon happy!!!! :D
  8. Damn, BH hope it gets better for ya!!! Cheer up - it could probably be worse, huh?

    My day officially started when I got off work at 4:00! They would make me work 8 hours on Saturday! Actually since school got out, the weekdays and weekends have all been the same for me.

    Anyway......bong hits to ya!! Have a good one!!
  9. I love all of ya'll here at the city.. ESP you RMJL!!!!

    There is a rumor going around down here that puts my name on the spot.. Some one is trying to tie me in with the Dekalb county boys who got arrested. I have been questioned beyond belief.

    Tonight is better though.. I'm going to be flying high and being well shortly!

    This hillbilly won't lay down for nothing!!!!!!!!
  10. wake n bakes r the best
  11. well its no longer saturday and i didnt wake and bake yet but HAPPY SUNDAY!!!!! had to wake my ass up at 6am to go pick up a uhaul truck, gonna wait till im done movin furniture until i have my first session of the mornin.
  12. Wake and baked this morning. I've gotten a few things done and now going to do some relaxation!!!
  13. well i didnt wake and bake i just got back from movin my furniture though , had 2 nice sessions, one in someones house while the sun was still risin (the drive was lovely) then another in the back of the uhaul truck ;)....looks like its gonna be beatiful weather today, just gonna kick back and relax and maybe bbq at the park , I LOVE SUNDAYS

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