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Wake And Rebake?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tlaw, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. #1 Tlaw, Aug 26, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 26, 2008
    Last night I got stoned out of my mind hitting a couple bags on the Volcano. So stoned I had a brief moment of concern that I had overdone it a bit. Well, I quit vaping around 9:30-10pm last night and went to bed still stoned around 1am. I woke up around 8am this morning and felt clearheaded and definitely not stoned. Then I got up, went to work, and around 10:30 this shit started hitting me again. Now I am buzzed despite not smoking since last night.

    Anyone else experience this before? Strange as shit and makes me wonder whether the Levothyroxine I take in the morning may be "reigniting" the cannabinoids or whatever in me. Who knows. I guess I shouldn't complain though!
  2. i dont know what that shit is you take but lately ive been taking dayquil to relieve me of my cold and that shit fucks me up. when i smoke i get way higher and if i have 1 beer when i get home i feel pretty tanked
  3. Ive had that a good few times before..

    had a heavy session the night before then woke up feeling eugrhh
    then on the way to college i start feeling buzzed again and get a stupid grin on my face for no reason..

    as for the levothyroxine.. i couldnt say
    did you start feeling buzzed shortly after you took it?
  4. I took it around 9am, not sure how long it takes to get in the system though. It's really a fascinating thing though--to be stoned. Again. :D
  5. haha yeah i used to find it weird..
    now if it happens i just go with it

    cant complain :cool:
  6. Most stoner's call them "Weed Nap's". I don't know the medical part of it, but for some reason, when you smoke if you take a nap usually 20 minutes or longer in length, when you wake up it's as if you haven't smoked yet that day.

    I can confirm this works, and it's actually a tactic a lot of my friends that smoke a lot have come to practice. Instead of smoking to the point where they don't get high anymore, they just take a small nap, wake up, and they're good to go again.

    Like I said, I don't know exactly how it works medically, but I know it works at least for me and every person I know that smokes and has done it.
  7. This seems to be the opposite of what I described though. right?
  8. Oh shit I'm sorry I misread your post. My bad, for some stupid reason (prolly because I'm high? ;) ) I thought you said you didn't smoke again and felt fine then woke up and smoke again and was totally ripped as if you hadnt smoked earlier at all. Oopsie :hello:

    But to answer your question then, I've had it happen to me maybe twice my entire life smoking. It was only when I smoked some really really really really high quality weed that I haven't smoked since and probably never will again.
  9. It's cool. The weed I smoked was good weed, but it wasn't that good. At least I didn't think so. Maybe another experiment tonight is in order.
  10. That happens to me sometimes. i wish it happened more often.

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