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Wake and Bake!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by telluride toker, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. My friend and I are going to wake and bake at 10:00. I'll check in later!
  2. Bet u gonna be too stoned off ya ass to check in at all.
  3. Wake and bakes are fun. The earliest time I did it was when me and 2 frineds all woke up at 5 am for some reason and it was agreed upon that we should smoke a few bowls.
  4. I don't know if this counts but last week I stayed up until 4:20 just smoking... I guess it doesn't cuz I didn't wake?
  5. I try to wake n bake as often as possible and actually...deja vue i was tokin @ 10 am today too!!::smoking:

  6. You called it, weedboss! :D
  7. wake an bake at 10????? Come on and try a little harder. Wake up with the rising sun and wake and bake, that's true stonerism.

  8. ;)

  9. How does 6:30 sound? That's when I had my wake and bake session this morning :D
  10. Like said at 10? seems kind of late..

    I wake and bake for work at 6AM every day and i wake and bake every sunday at 5AM on the way to go fishing.
    Try that?
  11. I love smoking in the morning and when i wake up. Its like your body is weak and you can get way more fucked up. I love chiefing anytime really though. You ought to smoke one before you go to church. I heard that is some crazy shit.

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  12. I like to smoke in the morning wake and bake session.. :p:

    your body is alot weaker because you are only up, the earliest i have waked and baked at was 10am.
  13. "late to bed means late to rise, its a wake and bake baby, when I open my eyes" :)

    aaah wake and bake days, how unproductive :)

  14. Bingo Baby!!

  16. I used to wake and bake everyday back in highschool. SMoke in my car on the way to school. Fuck I really miss that, smoking and college don't go together at all. I actually have to pay attention.
  17. i was awake all night one day, and at 630am my friend came online. we talked for a sec and then both met up at the park and blazed about an eigth of some rad bud. then we went to tim hortons for some killer breakfast. wat a day.
  18. Wake and Bake gets you mad relaxed for the whole. So comforting when angry. Smooth let down until lunch...

    :: mmmmmm :::

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