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Wake and bake with family over???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ranger Smith, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. What's up guys. My mom is staying up at my apartment this weekend because of thanksgiving. I live in NYC. My wake and bakes were usually awesome on Saturdays.

    I'd wake up, prepare a nice tasty bowl grinded up in my space case.

    Go out, get some Starbucks and some Burger King Breakfast or Donuts, and then go back to my house, smoke a few bowls in a bong or waterfall, and eat, drink starbucks, and bake out.

    Well, this morning I took 3 hits of "LA Confidential" out of my bubbler 30 minutes ago... I just came home, and my mom is up and awake. Idk if she knows I'm high. She's making me cinnimon rolls. Lol.

    Should I just embrace this, or be worried that she'll know I'm high :(?
  2. ...dude never let anyone know, just say you didn't sleep very well. My number one excuse when someone tells me my eyes are red is,
    "Well my eyes might be red, but yours are white. What does that mean ?"
    As for the cinnamon rolls im in long island so i better be getting some as well.

    And if your mom calls you out on it, just be like WHAT YOU GONNNA DO!?!!?-while you have a mouthful of cinnamon rolls of course.
  3. I'm just SOOOOOOOOOO baked........................................ :cool:
  4. Just act chill don't freak out, the worst thing to do is freak out just act normally while enjoying your high, it isn't easy for some people but I enjoy being blazed while doing normal things, makes them interesting
  5. put your underwear on your head and start flapping around like a chicken screaming the end is coming?:smoking:
  6. they must look at you like your stoned as fuck if you say that...
    how can that be your "number one excuse" lol, its horrible
  7. Does Paul Banks usually wake n bake with you?
  8. Your crib, your rules. And if she wants to toke she has to match.
  9. Im convinced Ranger Smith is 14 after reading all his threads/post.
  10. What do you think man, you didn't need to post about this.

  11. a 14 year old who lives by himself in an apartment in NYC?
  12. i think it will be even more suspicious if you deny your moms cinnamon rolls..
    so i say what the hell embrace this strange moment and go get some cinnamon rolls!!! hahahahah :smoke:
  13. Embrace it man. Free breakfast is free breakfast. Smoke that bowl, eat those cinnamon rolls, and enjoy your day.
  14. Wake and bake plus starbucks man how can that day not be great.
  15. eat that cinnamon boy!!!!
  16. Well you're already baked so not much you can do about that. I say invite Paul Banks over and get this party started! (and save me a cinnamon roll)

  17. Or a 14 year old who just smoked some mids in the house owned by his biological father and Paul Banks (who are now happily married thanks to NY state law).

  18. GO, GO, GADGET DICK!!! <-- nice status message, as the world turns is a great song
  19. #19 FuckBeerGetWeed, Nov 26, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 26, 2011
    what would paul banks do
  20. Hotbox when you go get burger king breakfast or donuts. Air out and you'll be good to go

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