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wake and bake while its still dark

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bLAzN32, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. do any of you guys like to wake up a bit extra early in the morning while its still dark out and smoke some bowls? i find it gives me a really good high and extra relaxed it is def my fav time of smoking.. :hello:
  2. if i woke up any earlyer it would be kind of pointless to even go to bed ahah :)

    have work on the weekdays so wake n bake is no longer a daily thing but when i get the chance on the weekends i love it to!

    waking up at 5:30 smoking a packed bowl and then hitting up mcdonalds for some pancakes and hashbrowns and a chocolate milk after...nothing better
  3. I did like 2 weeks ago. I was in Georgia smoking bowls as the sun was coming up. it was really peaceful

  4. haha one of the first times i smoked with my gf ( doesnt really smoke ) it was the morning and we got maccas breakfast and orded like 4 sausage and egg meals + hotcakes.. i only ate 1 muffin lol she had the munchies bad lol we even had to stop in a carpak 5mins awayt from my house so we could eat haha talk about impatience lol:smoke:

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