Wake and Bake vs Night smoking

Discussion in 'General' started by Dr McAwesome, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Last time I blazed I had this argument with my friend. I say wake and bake, but he disagrees. What does GC think?
  2. Night smoking, it lets me sit back, relax, and reminisce on the day. Although I do love me a good Wake & Bake.
  3. I do both, so long as I've enough bud :laughing:

    I love wake n' bake though, because it just sets you whole day up so nicely. I may only be actually stoned for 2, 3 hours, but starting out happy and content like that makes it so much easier to deal with any kind of craziness the day might throw at me.

    And of course, you can always look forward to that 2nd bowl/joint come night time :D
  4. I prefer mid day, usually around lunch time.

    But if I had to choose I'd say night time for the most part
  5. Night-time for sure, nothing better than kicking back and gettin loaded after a full days work.
  6. Night smoking. I love relaxing after a day at school and good workout with my friend. We then proceed to smoke couple blunts and do whatever.
  7. Usually when I wake and bake, I get the urge to keep smoking throughout the day to stay high. Lots of fun to be sure, but I can go through my stash rather quickly like that.

    So most of the time I save my blazing for nighttime. :)
  8. Both so you can start on a positive high note, and so you can relax and let the days worries exhale out with your hit at night.
  9. wake n bake is best IMO. starts off my day the right way and i always get way higher first thing in the morning. most of the time when i smoke at night i just end up passing out after about 45 minutes
  10. Night smoking, although an occasional wake n bake is nice.
  11. I'm about to blast off
  12. night smoking forsure. it makes me sleep like a baby.
  13. Wake and bake for sure
  14. Night smoking unless I have nothing to do during the day, in which a nice wake n' bake is quite enjoyable. :smoke:

    I find that smoking in the morning clouds my judgment pretty bad and just grogs me up for the rest of the day. At night it's a nice way to unwind.
  15. Night time, I get kinda lazy. Or middle of the day if I have nothing else to do and I take my dog for a walk.
  16. I enjoy both, but a good early wake and bake makes me eat a ood breakfast which gives me lots of energy for the day.
  17. I'd love both and do them both everday/night.

    But if I had to pick one I'd have to say night time smoking is more fun.
  18. i like both, i get way higher right when i wake up and it lasts longer. just eases the wake up, sometimes it can be devastating if i got a day of class ahead tho hahaha
  19. Night smoking. its more calm at teh end of the day, helps me sleep, and i have chill dreams ^_^ wake and bake is fun, but then im fried for a good chunk of the day...
  20. I like and do both. First thing I do when I wake up is toke and the last thing I do before I sleep is toke...I also smoke during the day: after I eat breffus, after I eat lunch, and round 4:20 or if I'm running some errand..:smoke:

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