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Wake and Bake Questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by L3TSG3TFAD3D, May 13, 2010.

  1. haha am there with you!! if i dident wake and bake i could not deal with people.
  2. i do everyday except when i work in the mornings, i work in a deli need to take the safety precautions
  3. i wake and bake almost daily. but i have been smoking for over 10 years. so i function reasonably well on the chron in the morn.
  4. Thanks for all the replies guys

    Yeah im going to go for it this weekend becuase im gunna be alone for the whole day. I have a decent tolerence but i deffinatly couldnt get away with being stone at school, but it sounds great for my sunday morning :smoking:
  5. When I wake up my mouth always feels stuck together and grimy so I can't wake and bake or it'd just be nasty I think. Can't say 'till I've tried :smoking:

  6. agreed completely...when i bake before class i do so much better than when i'm sober:)

  7. i find this to be true as well, on the come down and still a little dazed 4 to 6 hours after.. i love wake and bakes because it sets your whole day up to be relaxed and carefree, you feel a little tired, and normally if i wake and bake and get up around 11ish let's say.. i take a nap around 6ish, wake up about 7:30-8:00 and i feel energized but still a happy mood... i find wake and bakes are good when your going to spend time with family. for me my little brothers (8 year old twins) are super annoying CONSTANTLY. but when i pull a wake and bake i find them funny as hell, especially the one who just says the most random shit. and after my nap if i hang out with them i enjoy their presence more and we get along better.. my dad is someone who is very carefree, laid back, relaxed, seems like he's stoned all the time.. i've only ever heard him truly scream and shout like 10-15 times my entire life.. me and him are more friends now than father son.. i feel like he knows that i'm high sometimes but never says anything.. who knows. but we enjoy our time together (me sober, or stoned) regardless. but we have really good convorsations about life and opinions on different subjects when i'm baked. i bond with everyone better when i'm high... which now that i think about it as i'm typing this, so does everyone.. hahahah this entire post was worthless pretty much.. alright anyway wake and bakes on a scale of 1 to 10 are a 10.5 for me
  8. What this guy said, except i usually wake, shower, bake, and make the dankest breakfast i can think of. just grab some random ass shit from your pantry, fridge, cubbords, whatever. and eat that shit up. i love the clean feeling from shower, and i feel more awake, not all groggy. after i eat i usually chill and watch TV or play drums or just sit outside on my porch and space out for like 20 minutes.
  9. Wake and bakes are the shit... i can relax and focus. i dont get 2 blasted jus take 2 bowls maybe three shower up eat a nice breakfast and head to work and work goes by so easy. Shit bud is my morning coughee. lmao

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