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Wake and Bake Questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by L3TSG3TFAD3D, May 13, 2010.

  1. I've wanted to bake and bake for a while now but been worried because even though i stop being high after a normal amount of time, it takes like 3 hours for me to not have that "coming down" feeling and that doesn't seem like the best way to start a day.

    Any advice?
  2. Keep smoking and don't get the coming down feeling. IDK how you can function while high.

    I really only wake and bake if I know I have nothing going on for that day and it's usually just me laying around anyway. I have yet to wake and bake and attempt to go to work or something in the morning.

    Wait a bit more, maybe some more advice from some more expierenced blades will be posted.
  3. It depends on how you function while you're high. I could be high all day and function fine whereas other people I know couldn't.
  4. Whenever I wake and bake including earlier today, it takes forever for me to come down off of my high, much longer than a "normal" high takes. Idk, I usually go somewhere afterwards, get some food and just hang with people. Never tried going to work after a wake and bake though...
  5. i wake and bake like everyday before school and it is awesome. when outside of school i can be a little crazy when high cause i like to have fun. But when i have work or school i can be perfect and noone can tell but in my head i am going nuts haha.Wake and bake highs definantly last longer in my opinion. go for it
  6. Yeah, I don't know how I'd act at work. I tried it today at work because I got off at 11, and I stayed with the guy there till 2 after smoking and when he would go out for a cigg I'd help customers and all I could think of was "Don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact, do they know I'm high?"

    Kind of sucked actually, till I remembered I had Rhotos in my car, dropped my eyes and I was fine. I can function perfectly once all paranoia is gone, so eye drops help me.. I'll try a wake and bake probably more so during summer.
  7. I've waked and baked before work and it's not that great. I don't really enjoy being high at all at work.

    On the weekend is a different story.
  8. I wake and bake before school as well.
    It ussually makes me really tired for the rest of the day tho.
    But if i smoke again when the high is gone, i feel perfectly fine haha

    Sometimes if i smoke to much tho in the morning, i just go to class and pass out in like less then a min.

  9. Really depends on your tolerance level. If you get really stoned really easily it is probably not a great idea to do if you have anything going on. However, if you have a huge tolerance, its probably the best thing in the world to do :cool:
  10. I personaly love wake and bakes, Makes my day so much better.
  11. I wake and bake most days of the week, i love it.. startin my day off just right :smoking: But anyways you wont have to worry about the comedown, im completely use to coming down tho, been smoking for years, you might get a little tired but if anything jus take a nice weed nap
  12. i wake and bake around three times a week before school, and i love it. i love seeing so many people and just observing what everyone is doing haha. i do end up getting tired after a few hours but i noticed that if i eat something it helps wake me back up so you might wanna try having some food available.
  13. Smoking a couple of bowls before you take your shower is a great way to start the day. I find that the shower kind of kills the high a bit, but it feels so good it doesn't matter.
  14. Usually, I only wake and bake if I have something to do. Sounds weird, right? But for me personally, I like having something to do, and that keeps me awake during the come down. If I just wake up and smoke a few bowls or whatever, I'm going to end up falling asleep. So I don't know, try smoking and taking a shower. It'll feel bomb and it'll wake you up enough to be able to function while stoned.
  15. Yea either smoke more while you're coming down for the rest of the day or just smoke a LOT so that the come down is a little more enjoyable.
  16. I usually wake and bake every day before school. I find that a wake and bake gives a different high, at least for an every day smoker with a decent tolerance. I'm usually out of it inthe morning, but a wake and bake helps clear my mind up a bit.
  17. I guess try to experiment doing it at different times. Like what affects me is how early I do it. On weekends where I sleep in, wake up around 10, then smoke...its awesome. I really prefer that to the times I've gotten up at 7:30 for my 8am class...smoked...and then the comedown is mixed in with me being tired as shit from getting up too early.
  18. I only try to wake and bake on days I have off from work and school, but when I do smoke before work/school i usually grab a cup of coffee from the store and that wakes me right up and doesn't give me the "comedown" feeling.
  19. i love to wake and bake. great way to start the day :smoking:
  20. wake and bake everyday! anndd light up before work! Stay lit!

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