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Wake and Bake Question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Michio Kaku, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Mainly applies toward people who wake and bake, not just because you want to smoke, but primarily because it gets you higher. All opinions are welcome of course, but those which meet that critera are valued more. Now, onto the question.  Why do you think it gets you higher? What is a plausible reason? Is it because you recently regained conciousness, and if so, what is the reason behind that?
    I wake and bake, and get high much quicker, though there isn't any measurable difference in the peak of my high. 

  2. Quite possibly something to do with still being tired...For example, you know if you were to just wake up and had to try to learn something new, it would be harder to learn and would most likely take longer because your brain hasn't had a chance to "get into gear" (depending on who it is of course, everyone is different).But anyway, thats just my theory, if anyone else knows, fill us in! :)Sent from my GT-I9505 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. I don't get higher in the morning. I have been wake and baking pretty much all my life. Sometimes I think I should stop but I feel so crappy in the morning, I always vape when I wake up. i don't smoke in the house because the smell lingers too long. sometimes I am too lazy to go outside that early in the morning so I'll vape cause it doesn't stink up my room as much.
    In the summer, there is nothing better than waking up with a doobie out on the deck.
  4. Like the person above me said it may have something to do with still being tired. However, I think it has more to do with your body had time to recover and rest. Also you haven't smoked in a while so your tolerance has gone down some.
    For the most part though I think it's all in the persons head. I don't think it actually makes you "higher", it just feels that way
  5. My first smoke of the day is often my favourite, after all - breakfast is the most important meal of the day :)
    I don't exactly wake and bake. I get up, brush my teeth, make a cuppa and roll a joint. By that point, it's been 15 minutes since I woke up, but the high often seems extra enjoyable because my mind is still 'fuzzy' from the sleep.
    There is, though, something very special about lighting a joint as soon as you wake in the morning, the high is very dream-like, even if it can make you feel a little groggy.
  6. It's gets you higher because it's mixed with tired. So you feel good from waking up and that's also mixed with your high. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    Wake up, hot tea, eggs and honey buiscuit. Check my stocks while eating. Clean up, bong, shower brush teeth. Daily chores. Rinse and repeat.
  8. thanks guys...
  9. Probably cause it's mixed with being tired and you went 8 hours without bud.....
  10. sometimes i feel groggy in the morning and i dont notice my high as much. but when you wait until mid-day or evening for your first smoke it hits you sooo much better
  11. Know what you mean, it's just that certain feeling. Hard to explain but it's the best feeling in the world (almost).
  12. Yeah, only a fellow stoner would understand! :smoking:
  13. exactly
  14. I don't think I get higher but it does hit me much faster. It's easier to stay high all day if I wake and bake too.
  15. I get higher and quicker. I think cause I've had enough rest and my body is more relaxed. If I wake and bake when I'm still tired. It will just make me more tired and I hate that. I need to be fully awake and up to wake and bake to get the good results. Smoking when tired only makes u more tired and sleepy. What's the point of that ? I like to enjoy my high. Not sleep it off lol.
  16. Bong before that delicious meal! Or before waking up

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  17. Omg it took me 100 tries to get the security code so I could make an account to reply here. I think I heard somewhere it has something to do with smoking on top of low blood sugar upon first waking up? Everyone naturally has lower blood sugar when they first wake up. So I always thought you were supposed to smoke before breakfast to feel greater effects. If you eat breakfast before you smoke wouldn't that make the wake and bake kinda not get you as high? Idk that's just what I always thought... it is way more satisfying to smoke on a full stomach though. I'm a much way better cook high though... ;) 
  18. It's personally the opposite for me, I get more stoned at night because my body is getting ready to rest after a long day, so it just instantly hits me. I'm a daily smoker, and when I do it in the morning I only seem to get a light buzz.
  19. When I sleep its usually the longest period of time I haven't smoked within 24hrs so naturally I feel a little higher than smoking a few hours after already being high. My favourite is when I smoke at night and have to wait until the next night to smoke again.
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    I wake up three or four times a night to pee, I'm 69. I always turn on the vape on my nightstand when I get up and hit it before going back to sleep. By doing this I don't get any higher in the morning because I never go long enought not to be high.
    And no I don't take t-brakes, I change strains.

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