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Wake and bake! Q

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by moore bud, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. For people who still go to school, how do you cope with burning out(coming down from high) after wake and baking?
  2. Smoke more at school, MFLB in the back of the classroom
  3. Food friends or do your work
  4. "Coming down" is not a bad thing, I actually like that buzzyish feeling :)
  5. Just get your work done, your high will stay around longer, but if you focus a lot and shit, your high might die. When I went to school high, it was very enjoyable, I went there baked, and my high didn't die until around lunch time.
  6. I try not to smoke during school because of the burnout.
  7. Never used to have that problem, used to wake and bake before college e'ry day, and there's a £1 shop by the college that sells 4 energy drinks for, well you guessed it, £1, so I'd just drink all 4 and be fine :p
    Now however I'm back on my horrible chemical medication, when I smoke now, I crash HARD, and have to sleep. Sucks man.
    But yeah, try energy drinks I guess?
  8. Make some edibles, take one before school and smoke a few bowls. I think that will make you last throughout the school day, then you can get home and pass the fuck out.

  9. Have you seriously done this?
  10. I don't burn out....
  11. Bad advice usually, but it's true that some teachers are truly oblivious enough for this to be okay. My friend used to be into abusing OTC and prescription meds and would snort *whatever it was* in plain sight.

    But I wouldn't worry about burning out in school. You'll live lol. Go to the bathroom, splash your face with cold water, it's like none of it ever happened.

    Oh but use eye drops BEFORE and AFTER you smoke :)
  12. Eat some nuts or seeds or fish. Omega fatty acids make your brain feel good.

    Maybe do some jumping jacks or something. The more oxygen in your brain, the better you feel.
  13. I had the same problem when i smoked before classes. I found the best solution tho it to drink a cup or two of coffee while ur coming down. Helps me everytime
  14. Put your backpack on your desk and take a nap.

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