wake and bake first time

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  1. I have never till right now awoken and smoked. I know its weird. So I wake up in just shoes cause I blacked out last night. It was super early like 6:40 am. Way before my family does. I grabbed my bong and wrecked a while bowl. Laid back and bliss :) lol I'm gonna call my friend. :rollout:
  2. Suhhhhweeettt
  3. Wait wait wait...

    woke up in just shoes?
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    She likes to party, what's wrong with that? :smoking:
  5. i always save a bowlpack or blunt for when i wake up after a party. never woke up with just shoes tho lol i woke up naked in a field in georgia with some chick i had never met before once tho. never really found out what happened that night....
  6. I made it home from a party minus 1 shoe before. It was really awkward going back the next day to get it after the house was destroyed.
  7. i woke up naked on my couch one morning after drinking, my last memory is fucking the shit outta my girlfriend on the couch and giving her a break cause her puss hurt and we passed out. she was gone and her cousin was sleeping on the couch next to this one im wtf like/ then i went up stairs and she was in my bed so i crawled in with her and woke her up and had sex lol.

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