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  1. We have any Waiters, Chefs, Cooks in here?

    If so, and you haven't already seen this movie...you need to check it out. Its about a chain restaurant, the employees, and all the stereotypical patrons that come in. Funny as hell and so true.


    "Welcome to Thunderdome, bitch!"
  2. recently saw that a few weeks ago

    "the GOOATTTTT"
    "bunch of faggots!" hahahhaa yeah it was good. BTW, is the blonde guy in it(far right in that pic) Bill from bill and teds excellent adventures???
  3. I'm the salad guy at my resturant and our kitchen is in the same fashion, but a 1/4 of the size.
  4. Dude! I said the same thing! I thought for sure that was William S. Prescott.

    "I call this one the bat wing..."

    When he's holding the chicken skin and going into all that detail...I never laughed so hard. Such a good flick.

    I'm training to be a Chef, and where I work is exactly like that. I'm trying to get everyone to start The Game with me.
  5. Monty: Awwww c'mon now dogg, you know I'm just fucking with you. You know I give you the mad phat superfly stupid dope dumbass retarded bomb shit props.

    I love the smartass characters Ryan Reynolds always plays.
  6. Before training I was working as a waiter in a retirement home. This one was exclusively for the weathly. They had a 5 star restaurant built into the place and each person had there own massive apartment to live in.

    Awesome/Huge kitchen. Most of the staff were highschoolers cause it was the only job to really hire teenagers in town. Great times. But, myself and 2 friends were fired because they said we played around too much. Of course we did...what do you expect when you work with everyone you go to school with?

    Ah...good times.
  7. Thank god somebody else knows about this movie on here but me, I've been mentioning it in various threads and no one ever knows what Im talking about.

    The bus boy rap at the end will make you die laughing, speacially when your stoned.

    Seriously after you see this movie you'll be using quotes from it for weeks, and you'll even debate showing the brain to get your 'fag' friends.
  8. "......sorry, but....wasn't I inside you?"

    same here Bourbon, all his movies are funny as hell
  9. Its like "Office Space"...only set in a restaurant.

    "Take a look at the bat wing, bitch!"

    "Oooooh, its so veeeiinnyy...."
  10. The movie had every restaurant stereotype, didn't it? The nasty fuckin' cooks, stoned bussers, hip waitstaff, dyke bartender, kiss ass manager... and the quintessential prophet-dishwasher! I laughed so fuckin' hard through the whole movie. I didn't think I was going to like it... because it was a Ryan Reynolds movie... but I was wrong. Best restaurant movie I've ever seen. I worked in restaurants for more than half my Life, and this movie pretty much nails it in every respect. :D :D :D :cool:
  11. Im a cook at a small restaurant by the bay here in MD.

    Its extremeley unpleasant and I will never do food service again.

    "I can't wait to quit this job!!"

    An people, its true, I think that everyone should have to see this movie. I have to deal with some of the shittiest attitudes ever, maybe people should all know not to fuck with the people making/serving your food. :D
  12. I actually enjoy working in the kitchen. I found it the most comfortable place. Never gets boring and everything is just so slack...you're your own boss. Love it.
  13. The problem is that our kitchen is very small, and only has me and this other girl I toke with working to cook/prep/wash dishes for massive amounts of orders. Most big dinner restaurants dont have 2 people cooking for 120, they have fully staffed and experienced crews. We have an entirely new server staff and their average IQ has got to be below 50, theyre as smart as a brick wall. Actually, thats an insult to the brick wall.

    It sucks, and we're both quitting in two weeks, that place will probably fall apart without us but oh well, beats getting worked like a slave for a small paycheck.

    EDIT: What I dont get is that ive been working there for a year now and am fed up with it. But my female co-worker has worked there as cook ALONE for the past 4 years. Shes definitely one kickass cook though, but my boss walks all over her.
  14. I make pizzas at a local pizza place, so I'm kind of a cook... I saw the movie, very funny. And no i've never seen any one contaminate the food they are making. :D
  15. Yea, at the place I'm at...we have mostly female cooks for the really huge orders. We have a "conference center" were really massive groups of people meet for conventions and such. So, when that happens...all hands on deck. The mexican ladies really know how to cook. And damn good shit too.

    Just to help out, I'll volunteer as dishwasher. Somedays its easy for me, so I'll just help with them for a little bit. Fun doing that again.

    Oh, I've seen plenty of shit happen at the restaurant. Food dropped and the 5 Second Rule is enforced, not strictly though....
  16. I just watched this movie yesterday, its definitely the funniest movie I've seen in a while. I've worked in several different restaurants, and I've ran into someone like every single character in the movie.

    haha, the funniest person for me was "the girl who has worked here way too long." I've met so many waitresses/bartenders just like her.
  17. I loved the guy who couldn't piss in public places.

    "I don't hear any pee!"
  18. "whats taking him so LOOONNGGG"

    hahaha or when he talks to the high school girls and it all self conscious
  19. i cant remember but 2 damn things from the movie... soo high
  20. yeah i love that movie so much and it gets funnier everytime i watch it. it was disappointing that dane cook had such a small role. this movie actually makes me want to work in a restaurant as shitty as it made it seem. my favorite part is when monty's ex completely tares him a new asshole with disses like "the little engine that couldn't hold his load."

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