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"Waiting to Inhale": A (medical) Marijuana Documentary

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by norcalstoner, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. A great documentary on (medical) marijuana.

    [ame=""]Waiting to Inhale[/ame]
  2. Wow. Wonderful video. I wish people would be forced to watch that at these committee hearings in MN and THEN debate the issue.
  3. cool film. i just watched the whole thing.
  4. Good documentary, I enjoyed it. +rep
  5. watched the entire thing, really enjoid it, +rep
  6. That was a great documentary. It was really moving.
  7. Very interesting info about the Compassionate IND program, which was something I had heard about before but never really learned much about it. +rep
  8. this is good. my friend tore his ACL. we smoked every day and his doctor couldnt find out why he was healing up so fast haha MMJ 4 life :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  9. lmao@ Mae Nutt
  10. Lol, in the beginning i thought he said Asians not Agents... I was like wahh? What documentary is this?
  11. This actually learned me a couple of new things. Great documentary.
  12. It's great to see some of those activists still present in the communities, like mine in the bay area :)
  13. How recent is this video?

    From what I've read on GC, people with MMJ Cards in cali are safe.. this video disagrees.

    Can someone help me out or point me to a link on this?

    Great video, +rep.

    I find it almost unbelievable how people can be so ignorant... Weed is good! Jeez.
  14. Good looks there.

    Just started watching it, looks real good. I love a good documentary, especially on pot.

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    awesome vid, i knew about the cannabis receptors in the brain but i didnt know we had them all through out our nervous
  16. Stunning movie, thank you for sharing.
  17. This is a great video. I myself suffer from chronic pain from a severly broken ankle, and I also suffer from a mild case of insomnia. This video has just helped me make up my mind of getting a med card or not. As soon as I turn 18 I am definitly getting one. I live in California so I think this could be a very real option for me. I just want to tell you thank you for posting this video it was a great help and was very inspiring.
  18. watched the whoole thing aswell , so sad man . very informative

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