Waiting to blazee on a rainy dayy..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by FLAgoon, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. sucks.. im out of bud and am waiting on this kid to drop me off a bag but have no clue when he'll finally be here he texted me sayin he wld be here soon at like 12 today lol now he says sometime after 5 the shittest part is he will deff come its just a matter of not knowing when. I WANNA SMOKEE... its been a few days and have been anticipating this all dayy. im bored out of my fucking mind and dont know WTF to do till he comes thru?? (*sighs*) i need to be a deALerr =/
  2. stay strong....just think of how awesome it will be :smoking:

  3. tru that man thanks i didnt even think of it like that...
  4. ughh i hate having to rely on dealers... my buddies and i call it "dealer time" as they seem to operate on a different time schedule. "meet me in 5 mins" means they'd be there within the hour usually lol

    but hey, i have to admit, the long frustrating wait actually makes the smoke up better... its like blue ball blue ball blue ball... SKEEEEEEEEEEEETT:smoking:
  5. its not rainin in south fl, im burnin blunts and was chillen at a beach resort
  6. haha i know right i got like calculations of wut they say to when they will really be there
    ("ill be there in 2 seconds yo") = atleast ten mins maybe more lol and if they say a half hour or more im not leaving for atleast an hour and i still end up waiting lol

    i cant wait for that skeeettt tho haha
  7. tru that i wish i was still in fla i jus moved to ny from tampa weather is extreamly diff here as well as the weed if i was in fla id be burnin blunts right now too =/
  8. oo i feel ya... but u will come across some fire dank in ny so it proly strait.. and its hot as fuck i want to be in cool weather
  9. oh yea kush and sour D and piify and haze is all thats available up here:p and i must say i cant complain ha but yea thats 1 thing i dnt miss about fla that heat

    ex: hotboxing a car in fla= can be fun but come out sweating and sometime its so hot you jus gotta get out

    ex: Smoking a nice blunt while laying in 3ft of snow wit a thousand layers on= *perfect* cant think of anything better:D

  10. Yes it was raining earlier lol and it's windy as hell. Atleast here in Miami.
  11. Still fucking waiting blades!! lol damn this better be some piff fuckin HAZE that wld deff be worth the wait:D
  12. Fucking finallyyy!! im blazed like a fuckin forest fire:smoking: im high as fuck just smokedd some dankk piff KUSHHH a nice sized blunt of it feels nice after waiting since 12 o clock yes it was fucking worth it im about to go watch a movie or somtin and eat ice cream haha jus enjoy this great high i can never go back to regs again i love this dankkk:D
  13. lmao good to know he didnt fake:smoking:

    slackin muhhfuckaah:D
  14. I hear ya bro, happens to me all the time, all you can do is wait. I hate dealers.
  15. haha yeah he came thru wit some fire just had a wake and bake session wit that shit too im so blazeddd:smoking:

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