Waiting to be fired

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  1. Well I made a burger n sent it upstairs and the waitress never took it so my boss grabbed it and came down and started bitching at me because it was cold so I said "do u fucking think I grilled that burger in the freezer? No. it's not,my fault her fucking food is cold" and he stomped off

    So now i'm just waiting to get fired lol
  2. maybe you shouldn't have said that.. :confused:
  3. Maybe lol but I was so fed up witj his shit. I apologized for the food being cold but he kept going off so I shut him up
  4. Maybe he respect's people who stand up to him/her.
  5. That shit is boss!
  6. Don't get fired, just quit if you know you are about to get fired, shit looks bad as reference/ on a resume
  7. Make some food for your boss, apologizing for the cold burger, which wasn't even your fault. Piss all over it and serve it fresh. Tasty revenge.
  8. he came up to me after my shift and apologized. first time ive ever seen that dickhead apologize. were good now tho
  9. I say u still teabag his shit
  10. yeah man wait till he's sleeping then break into his house and put your dick on his face and take a picture
  11. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDA4lcw8k1g]Trump You're Fired - YouTube[/ame]

  12. awesome.+rep.
  13. do you mind explaining to me what the heck is teabagging?

    i see that phrase get thrown around a lot.
  14. Hahahah. Teabagging is where you put your marble sack in someones mouth and dip it in and out. Like a REAL teabag. (FYI: Marble sack means nutsack...)
  15. If you didn't stand up for yourself like that he probably wouldn't have apologized, nice! :)
  16. You should eat the burgers before you quit.
  17. If he told his boss to fuck off then walked away doesn't matter if you quit/get fired.

    If you list you quit your new potential boss may call that place. If he does you're fucked. If you list you left on unfriendly terms then you may be able to reason it off.
  18. its against the law for a prior employer to talk bad.... even if u did leave on bad terms, they just check to see if u worked there.
    Thats how it is in US not sure if canada is the same tho.
  19. Now get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwi- erm, burger.
  20. If they call for a reference in Canada they can tell the grounds for your termination.

    Employers cannot talk bad here, but they can talk.

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