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waiting for pot.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MeanTheDope, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. last night i was so happy because i had enough money to buy myself an 8th. but when it gets to calling friends who say they are all out, and the one person that does has to work 3 hours overtime. so i waited 4 and a half hours. but it was worth it, because i got myself a nice 4 gram 8th for $60 which is really good in hawaii.

    whats the longest youve had to wait for some pot?
  2. i had to wait in the cold of canadian winter for 2 hours to get 2 grams was a sweet 2 g's tho when i smoked it god dammit :)

  3. if its 4 grams its not an 1/8, its simply just 4 grams
  4. i know. bu tits easier to say than i got 4 grams for the price of an 8th.
  5. damn, thats even more expensive for an 1/8 price than where i am in so cal
  6. 3.5 g is an 1\8 a 4 gram 1\8 unusually "headie"
  7. Well, the longest I've had to wait for a bud was 1 month. haha, and I'm still waiting... my friend stopper by and asked if I wanted to buy a two bowls for a couple bucks so he could get an 8th, and then he saw I had a few bucks extra so he asked for them, and said he'd come back with a bud for me later... haven't seen him since that day, lol, what a prick! lol
  8. i've waited about a month or so at the most.. it's a bitch.. but i have a friend who has been waiting for 2g's since august. that's about 8 months.
  9. well i was supposed to get some last night but the my guy didnt get any till today so i waited about 8 hours last night before i just said fuck it and went to bed. now i have to wait till like 10pm tonight to pick up my 1/4th. waiting SUX!
  10. I'm sorry to hear your problems...I'm at college and more times then often, I can get it quite easily within a few hours at most. At home I can usually get the hookup in a few hours, just gotta have the reliable connects.
  11. On a good day its like 20-30 mins of driving/waiting.
    Worst is right now. No luck on saturday/sunday. Didnt even get to try today.

    Tomorrow is smokeday ;)
  12. me n my pal called up this guy for some weed and he wanted the money first so he could pick it up. i knew it was stupid but id smoked with the guy a few times; thought he was trust worthy. well we sat in the car all f*cking day. we smoked like a pack of cigs each just waiting. it sucked. and so i call him at like 8pm and finally he picks up and says the cops pulled him over and found it. i was so sad. i scraped my pipe and i got nothing. i was so sad.
  13. i waited like 3 months when i was like 13
  14. lucky people.

    with my bro having connections, on a good day i could get it the day i ask for it, but on a bad day [week] it could take up to a week.

    i just bought an eight off him a few days ago and it is some nice nice bud.
  15. a month but it was worth it. skunk++
  16. One time I had to wait a few hours. And if I get a 3.5g 1/8 im upset. I definately dont put 3.5g into the 1/8's that I sell. You have to have fat'ish bags to get people coming back. If you are getting "right on the scale" bags or even skimpy ones, keep trying new people till you find a guy who hooks it up for his customers. There are plenty of them out there, you just gotta look ;)

  17. Hey what part of Hawaii u live in? I live on Kauai...but I'm in Seattle for College.

    Btw...the longest I ever had to wait was like 6-7 hours....

  18. Hey what part of Hawaii u live in? I live on Kauai...but I'm in Seattle for College.

    Btw...the longest I ever had to wait was like 6-7 hours....
  19. Thats no problem. I gotta wait for two months so the exams are over.

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