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Discussion in 'General' started by Bananarama, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Im gonna buy for the first time from my cousin's dealer. Texted at 9am asking for a delivery(didnt specify when) at my bros house and she said she would but now its 7 pm. Should I text again or keep waiting? idk wats up
  2. Call. Tell him you love him, and that you'll never, ever leave him again
  3. Obviously... Why wouldn't you just specify a certain time so you could of avoided this in the first place?
  4. If you haven't texted your dealer since 9am, text her again asking what's up and why it's taking so long. Usually dealers will just give you some bullshit response, but there's not really much you can do unless you can drive over to their place and meet them.

    Most dealers are very unreliable, you're better off growing (if you can) than wasting your time with them.
  5. Nothing more frustrating that a flaky dealer. But, that describes most dealers. The best advice is the let them know you have a time frame window where you are available, and then stick to it.

    The sooner you get them used to your schedule the better. Or you will be dealing with this everytime.
  6. the dealer first agreed to sell an eighth. she responds now and says shes dry...wtf?
  7. Got a back up? lol

    That sucks brah
  8. Could have told you that. The one thing that's true for the majority of dealers:

    If they're dry, you won't hear from them - even if you've already made a plan to buy off of them.
  9. ^Good call brother.

    One of my dudes phoned me after 9pm on monday, I was taking a piss at the time so I missed the call. I could've easily called him straight after and would've probably secured good grade as usual... but I decided fuck it I'll just phone him back the next day. On tuesday the guy tells me he'll be back the next day (np for me because I really wanted the weed for thursday). But on Wednesday I hear nothing, and now today is the day I really wanted the weed for and still nothing.

    This has to be the second time ever I find myself dry (bearing in mind I only pick up about once a month; small amounts) but still... fucking annoying when dealers or hookups don't follow through. Especially when they call you one day and so evidently available to sell but then fall right off all the following days. It's like "I know you gotta do you but goddamn you dried up just like that?"

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