Wait what the fuck just happened?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dawnofwar, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Alright blades so this lil' story brings me back to the month of June, what a strange day.

    So to set the basis for this story, about 2 months prior I had purchased a black lighter, and the very same day lost it in my house. Ever since that happened I was always buying green lighters, always, always, always.

    So fast forward to June, I'm chilling with my dog on my bottom floor, petting her, getting her to chase her ball. I pack myself a nice chop, and walk upstairs to drop a deuce and smoke some herb at the same time. In the process, I left my green lighter on the table.

    I walk up the stairs, dog follows as usual, and I walk into the bathroom leaving the door open, with my dog outside the doorway. I'm about to to drop my pants, when I realize oh fuck I lost my lighter.

    So I turn around and.............

    A black lighter is sitting right next to my dog, whose lying there looking up at me as if nothing just happened. So at this point I'm like what the fuck is going on, how the fuck did this happen, GOD DAMNIT DOG WTF DID YOU JUST DO?!!

    I really have no explanation for what happened, it was 2 months since I had last had a black lighter, and when walking to the bathroom there was nothing infront of the doorway.

    Da fuck happened?
  2. Obviously the dog had stolen your lighter, are you missing any weed?
  3. It was aliens. Only logical explanation.

  4. So my dog stole my lighter, and returned it in perfect condition 2 months later? XD
  5. Either you have a mischievious dog or you have a poltergeist... :bolt:

  6. Ikr... Honestly I think it was my dog, but I have no fucking clue.
    There is no other explanation for it, there was nothing infront of my bathroom door, my dog was walking behind me. Like WTF?!!!
  7. The only obvious answer is that the tiny man controlling your brain suddenly spilled his coffee on the control console... obviously all of your colors have been mixed around, suddenly.

  8. Funny :p
    Still doesn't change the fact there was no lighter when I walked through the door, and that my green lighter was still downstairs.
  9. That's awesome hahahah a
  10. [quote name='"Led Zepp"']Either you have a mischievious dog or you have a poltergeist... :bolt:[/quote]

    Smoke the poltergeist out man.
  11. Holy shit!id be scared !lmao ur dog may be possessed lol wat breed is it ?
  12. this kid is trolling hard.
  13. White lighter of death...

    Black lighter of mystery :cool:
  14. Yeah i'd keep an eye on that dog... man's best friend my ass

  15. Lawlwut?
    Why would I troll dude, I've earned some good standing in this community, no way would I go and blow it by trolling at this point.

    Dog is hella chill lol, dopest dog anyone could have.
    She seems to smart for her own good though, if I could talk about unmentionables here you would understand this is one unusual dog.

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