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  1. I remember seeing an artical on here about how bad weed was and tryin to be all legit... Anyone know what im talking about? I want to show it to my friends... I thought it was funny as hell...

    It might not be the one im thinking of, but if you have a pretty funny list of 'facts' put em here... please?

    Keep it safe =)
  2. you want a list of funny "facts", go to above the influence
  3. okay how's this, I found it here http://www.topix.net/forum/city/fayetteville-ar/TVV05F9EJRNLI6555

    "Pot makes you stupid, causes your hair to turn prematurely grey, makes you lose all ambition to do anything (except eat), deprives you of REM sleep and makes you paranoid; add that to the other things inhaling smoke does to lungs (very few people get their high eating the stuff) and it adds effeminent body curves to you if you are a male. Say whatever you want to my comment, but NO THANKS!!!"

    i mean seriously, where's the fucking mentality?!? :confused:
  4. its true. six months after I smoked one joint my hair became gray and i grew these massive tits. the fellas love them, but they're a bit uncomfortable.
  5. I don't know about you dudes, but I love my effeminent body curves. It's the only reason I smoke.

    I'm a curvy cutie.

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