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  1. anyone have any good stories of when they were baked and thought something was happening but really it was nothing... For example....lol this ones kinda weird but, once i was lying down an this girl was sitting infront of me an it felt like she was riding my...well you get it, i wasn't sure if she was but i just sat there an enjoyed the feeling lmao i know im a dumbass :D

  2. No, I don't get it.
  3. Yeah I thought we just got done having a Bonfire but we were in the house all night
  4. Op must be smokin dank.

    I ain't on your level.

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  5. You know your high your boner startles you
  6. Ya, I remember one day when I was on GC reading a thread and I thought I got it but I really didn't.
  7. Well, for me there were several instances...
    I had a smudge on my glasses and I swore every time I looked off to the side I could see my guardian angel staring at me.
    Then there was the time when I was reading a book and I thought I was actually in the story for awhile. I thought I had a friend named Adrian and I was starting to get mad because he hadn't gotten back from his blood feeding session yet (it was a vampire novel...)
    And I hope this one doesn't offend anyone (if it does, my sincere apologies), but one time I was writing in my novel and there's this one character that I kind of based off myself, she was a MP in the Marines stationed in Afghanistan and on patrol when an IED went off beside her and it shattered her knee and leg completely. I was getting pretty worked up writing that scene and when I got up from my chair to take a break, I tripped over a cord and slammed my knee really hard on the ground, cracked my kneecap and for a moment I swear I thought I was there and had hit the IED myself. I could even "feel" the blood seeping through my pants and I was petrified to look down at my knee to take in the damage. It was a really freaky experience.
  8. OMG dont u know the ground can feel pain?? Im so offended :)

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    I was laying in bed couple days back and this yoda toy walked into my room and said "stoned, you are, out of it you must be" and then done a back flip and walked away

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  10. I died

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  11. One time I thought I dropped my friends keys into his pool I was so high.
    I did.

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