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Wait so what exactly is hashish?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hackro, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. My friend says he can get me some for thirty a gram, but idk wtf it is... why does it cost so much? i mean i know sorta what it is, but what makes it better than weed? i mean thc is thc
  2. Think of it this way, when you drink beer it takes more to get drunk than with hard alcohol.

    In that perspective, Hashish (hash) is the hard alcohol and weed is the beer.

    But thats in a good situation, depending on the hash quality and bud it was made from it can differ. Also theres quite a few methods out there of making hash and that can change quality. Just pick up some, smoke it, and see if it's worth getting some more hash or just some weed.
  3. Good explanation, but WHAT IS hash? Is it pure thc? what is it? It is more concentrated? Is the high the same?

    If in fact it is more concentrated then weed, then ALL hash is better than weed right?
  4. Well it's made of the tricomes on the buds, that contain the THC. Hash is better than weed, but only the weed it came from. IE. Hash made from shwag will still be better than the shwag it was made from, but won't be as good as hash made from mids or better quality weed.

    Depending on the extraction process (Isopropyl alcohol, cold water, pressed keif) can change the quality too. I would feel safe saying it has a very high amount of THC in it, but it somehow doesn't feel right for me to call it "PURE" THC.
  5. I thought trichomes were trichomes?? I mean i thought thc is always the same, weed quality only depends on how much thc it has...

    gawd, im so confused.
  6. THC percentage is consistant through trichomes, more trichomes does not mean more potent bud. Hash is very strong, because it is mostly just trichomes and resin, none of the extra plant material to mess with it. Pure THC could only be concieved with a chemical process though.
  7. So in other hash is more dense? So in other words, for one gram of hash, there is way more thc than a gram of weed?

    BTW, is a gram of hashish about the same size as weed?

    Also, will I be able to smoke it through my vape? It's an ubie vape.
    This is what its like:
  8. Looks like it would work fine. Hash is very dense and can vary in color from yellow to brown and even black; and comes in chunks, and pieces, usually square.
  9. No the hash will be way smaller than a gram of weed. Hash in condensed and heavire than its fuffier weed counterpart.

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