Wait... Just.. ONe Minute.

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  1. So...

    Smoking Pot makes me... "Lazy, anti-social, and Dumb"...

    Lazy? Right. :hello: I've got a cut body and can run 3 miles whenever you want me...

    Anti-Social? Well, actually... :rolleyes: Thats just stupid

    Dumb? Haha! You mean dumb by being 1 1/2 weeks early to turn in an AP Essay, a good one... having the highest test score out of a room of non-smokers... not to mention all the other things...

    Its amazing. SiMPLy AMAZING.
  2. im very intelligent and i smoke the ganj too
  3. I want you to run 3 miles.

  4. probably one of the worst posts ever
  5. agreed

    way to suck your own dick threadstarter ;0
  6. I would respond, but i have to be at the gym in 26 minutes! /Hopes someones gets it
  7. like OOOO MYYYY GASHHHHHH ! :eek: your so simply fucking right ... now i understand ...

    whats with so many fucking people that tend to tell everyone all the time about how great they think they are ...

    relax people :smoke: have a smoke
  8. he's just proving his point... and he's right. preaching to the choir though. Yea i consider myself intelligent too. Smoke bud daily, got accepted in engineering at a good school, but changed my major, still doing well, all that nonsense. weed makes me way better at writing papers and music though, which is all i care about.
  9. LO fucking L

    I don't even know what to say

    "Shrunken genitals? You could chip a tooth on this thing"
    "Not motivated? I drew up several workable options for Middle East peace"
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    So angry...
  11. I'm the president.

    but this is the interwebz and everything everyone says can't be proven
  12. Too bad this is the Internet and not everything everyone says can be proven
  13. Nice to see some good ol' self indulgence.
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    I think this is supposed to go in the "state the obvious" thread?

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