Wait... does he look familiar?

Discussion in 'General' started by potchocolate, Aug 12, 2011.

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    I know you're thinking....

    the bald guy from Brazzers, Johnny Sins.
  2. I honestly had no clue.
  3. you watch alot of porn
  4. is that jamie from mythbusters?
  5. Lol looks like collie budz to me :p
  6. Man.. I wish I still had Brazzers.

    I got a free membership from one of my friend's for like 2 weeks and it was the bee's knees.

    Then the membership ran out and I had to go back to watching regular porn.

    It was terrible..

  7. seroulsy. its one thing to know the girls name,. but to know they guys name too, thats just too much

  8. ^ True dat.
  9. Saw a chick that looked exactly like Audrey Bitoni today. Only way I can relate to thread...
  10. you should of been like

  11. i really dont give a damn about brazzers male actors
  12. I assume you click on the gay option.

  13. LOL! Yeah, I should of. I was staring at her tits and face for what seemed like forever.

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