Wadens Closet Grow

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  1. Finally making a journal.
    Organic potting soil
    Barney's Farm LSD Feminised Seed (Cannabis cup 2008 Winner)
    Currently under 2 fluorescent lights, one 18W Fluorescent and a14W Fluorescent
    Will change to a 1000W Super HPS Grow light for flowering stages
    Will also start adding Big Bud nutrients once it hits flowering stages.
    It's currently going in 20-4 Light schedule
    Today is day #30
    Will keep this updated


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  2. Update:
    Some leaves are twisting, this is getting me worried, I put a close up, someone help!!

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  3. It's not completely curled, just the  base part of the leaf is kinda curled in, the rest of the leaf isnt curled

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