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Waddya think about these nugs? [macros]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Road RunneR, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. #1 Road RunneR, Feb 16, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2009
    Buddy had these for a couple weeks now, among others like them that have been put to good use.

    Whaddya think? Guess what it is..?

    *Edit: That's a mini bic lighter for size references. The lighter's about 2.5" tall, give or take.

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  2. white lighter = bad luck
  3. I've heard of the myth. That lighter was actually found at a party, and we decided that it must have been found with the side with the Bic logo up (like a coin, heads vs tails). We haven't had any problems so far, and although nobody knows if it was actually found bic-logo up or bic-logo down, we've concluded it must have been up. :hello:
  4. That sir is some mighty fine nugget you got goin on my good sir. :smoke:
  5. bullshit loolll. its all in ur mind. go smoke a bowl and contemplate ur existence. lol all in good fun.

    nice nugs, a bit leafy tho
  6. And no one ever said anything about mini "white lighters" :bongin:
  7. Ive used countless white lighters and the only time ive been caught with bud here at school i was smoking with a blue lighter. I feel like if they were unlucky I would have been caught before then.
  8. Looks spicy. :)
  9. ahahahaha. yea i was just messin bout the white lighter. just something i heard about those lighters. its definently false.
  10. dude get rid of that white lighter right now seriously it super bad luck, I gota get the fuck outa here.
  11. Superstition = low IQ
  12. I like how this thread went from admiration of nugs to conversing about the superstitions behind a white lighter :rolleyes:

    Anyways, nice nugs, albeit a little leafy.
  13. what about the lighters with plastic on them? you peel it off and its a white lighter with no bic logo. still bad luck?

  14. That's the dumbest shit i've ever heard. No offense.
  15. we took the sarcasm of a white lighter being bad luck even further.. apparently you didn't get that, no offense. ;)
  16. never had anything bad happen when using a white lighter, but my one friend never uses red lighter cuz she says they're bad. one day she did because that was all we had, and later cut herself at work(she cooks at a grill)and needed a couple stitches.

    that shit looks pretty good. have you smoked any yet?
  17. i realized this after i peeled one of the coverings off of my lighter.. haven't had any problems! :cool:

    Now really, enough with white lighter talk.

    The nug I took a close-up of is a bit leafy, but it hits good for sure.
  18. Definitely. It tastes a little weird though, guessing that has to do with the way it was grown and fertilizer/pesticides.. but other than that the high is very relaxing. :smoke:

  19. oh I got it and it's still stupid ;)
  20. I got clocked in the eye and suffered a migraine during a body shot boxing match when carrying a blue lighter.

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