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  1. Last night was the first time ever smoking weed. I was with 2 of my friends at his place, started out as a fun night. I knew how to inhale and everything, and use three smoked for a little bit. After we ate a bunch, got bored and smoked again. My last hit some weird shit was starting to happen and i dont know if its because it was my first time or im weird. It was the last hit, and i started to expierence freaky stuff that i didnt want to expierence. My vision was all wacky and i really had no idea what was going on. I didnt know what i was thinking, i was shaking a bit, and my ears felt like they were going to pop, i was really worried for like 10 min. Someone said i was "tripping out" and basically felt like it. I really didnt want to tell my friends something was really wrong with me, so i continued to hang out with them and everything and soon after went to sleep. That was the end of it, but i dont know if its because im a first timer or if its gonna happen to me everytime. the way people say about getting stoned and feeling good didnt happen to me. It was fun up till that last hit, and was pretty scarey. Maybe it happened because im not use to it or didnt know what to expect? and do you think this will always happen when i do smoke? or maybe i smoked too much?

    sorry for being so...... noob
  2. You cant smoke too much ever. When I got high for the 1st time, I had no control over my body (I was falling down and stumbling) and my vision was all messed up. But I think that has alot to do with your body does not know how to take the high and you do not know what to expect
  3. I had this kinda thing happen the first time I got really really high, it was my third time smoking. We kept taking hits out of this bong, for about a two hour period off and on. Vision was all fucked and I knew what was going on around me but I was just too high to participate.
  4. try DOING something next time. like, have a goal or a "mission" to accomplish or something, it makes smoking much more fun buuut im high and i dont think that really was the topicc. HA try again next time it will probably be better
  5. i have felt like that before. you get over it with time man.
  6. Yeah homie, your body just wasn't used to it at all, the first time is pretty commonly a bit shaky. Your third time will be your best.

    I mean unless you end up smoking miracle grow, getting arrested, or puking.

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