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    So just yesterday I got back from my first ever trip to Wacken and it was fucking AWESOME! But although I can't complain about it one bit (got to see Motorhead, Priest, Ozzy, Mayhem, Helloween, Blind Guardian, Sepultura...) it was slightly dampened by the fact that I don't enjoy drinking that much anymore but couldn't find any stoners to hang with, everyone just wanted to get drunk.

    So I figured I might suggest we gather a group here, I've mentioned Wacken around these parts before and people have said they wanted to go so why not all go together, set up a good camp with a bunch of tents and a gizibo and all, find some means of acquiring weed (unfortunately I'm coming from England so cannot, however I can fund it, and not just my own, but for other people too, money isn't an issue).

    For those that don't know, Wacken is the world's biggest metal festival. It's located in a small village in North Germany and sells out 90,000 tickets to metalheads all over the world. It's basically one big 3-day party where everyone gets smashed and listens to awesome metal bands. The atmosphere is amazing and I think that a gang of stoners hanging out and getting high listening to Slayer would be amazing.

    So I'm confirmed to go and if anyone should want to set up a little weed camp alongside you're welcome to join. I'm going to keep this thread updated with news regarding the festival, including a band list in this opening post.

    So far we have confirmations from:
    Amon Amarth
    Axel Rudi Pell
    Cradle of Filth
    Gamma Ray
    U.D.O. (ex-Accept vocalist)

    In August 2012 I will descend on that remote village once again for three days of heavy fucking metal. Will you be metal enough to step up?

  2. It's either this or Download festival again for me, if the lineup ad DL or Sonisphere is better I'll go to one of those, but a trip into Europe does sweeten the deal with going to Wacken. How was it with everybody speaking German there?

    It's strange You made this thread actually, just before I clicked on GC I was on Facebook and my best friend posted "Wacken next year?" as his status lol. I think it's an omen for me to go....
  3. 99% of people there spoke at least basic English. I chatted with people from South America, Sweden, Germany, Russia and a few other places. The Germans were very friendly (most spoke excellent English) and were champion drinkers, would drink me under the table easily.

    If you have any love for metal music whatsoever then Wacken is definitely something you have to experience at least once in your life, and the line-up's looking pretty sweet already.
  4. sounds sick breh!
  5. It certainly is.
  6. I've seen Amon Amarth before. I don't listen to their albums much but live they were great. Long time Cradle of Filth fan, never seen them live. They were supposed to play this year but they had to cancel due to Dani injuring himself so now I really can't wait to see them.
  7. Going to Europe next spring, that's going to take all my money, but me and a friend plan on going to Wacken 2013. We might also go to Amsterdam and a few other places (Copenhagen would be cool, I want to see Christiania). I also want to go to Maryland Death Fest and some other fests in Europe. Do you guys know of any fests in fall/winter? Fall/winter 2012 might be doable, I plan to work that summer anyways. Amon Amarth are fucking amazing.
  8. Sounds Wack.

  9. Axel Rudi Pell and Forbidden have just been announced, booking in their classics fast!
  10. Hammerfall will be neat, been wanting to see them live.
  11. Surprised this has no responses, lots of people wanted to go last year, let's get planning early!
  12. SIX FEET UNDER and ENDSTILLE now confirmed! How do I update the OP?
  13. Hey! I have never been to Wacken. I just bought my tickets today and am so excited! I am going by myself from Vancouver (canada) and am looking for people meet up with !!!!!
    Please email me if interested! We could exchange facebook names or pictures or somthing email me @ kingdiamondgal@hotmail.com

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