Waay to maanyy

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by XxnickpwnsxX, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Im on 12mg of Klonopin and im feeling fucking great woot woot def think i over did it but oh well im gunna go lay down pass out then wake up tomorrow mad late:hello:
  2. Ive taken around 8 mgs today and I pass out every time I eat 2 mg.

    Pass out - wake up - pass out - wake up :p
  3. holy shit! I'm on 3mg and a soma, smokin a bowl:smoking:
  4. mmmmmmmmmmm sedation.

    Time to smoke another one
  5. nice dude. good luck with dealing with your relapse btw

    i need to smoke this blunt, 2:30am blunt feeninz :\
  6. honestly i just woke up a little bit ago i thru up some clonzeapam i could taste it :mad: then since then ive been feelin woozy and out of it still. is this normal?
  7. uh...yeah. you took a shitload. like 3 times the maximum recommended daily dosage.

    clonazepam has a long half-life (18-50 hours), so if you took that much, so late in the night, it's not surprising you still feel sedated today.
  8. iight word good looks man
  9. I've had that shit fuck me up well into the next day on ridiculous doses like that.

  10. You forgot....

    Pass out - wake up - pass out - smoke a bowl - eat food - take more kpins

    Rinse and repeat!

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