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WA outdoor, Indica, Flowering stage, PICS EVERY FEW DAYS

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by The Cannabis, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. #1 The Cannabis, Sep 26, 2009
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    My plant thats been growing since Late April. let me know how shes doing and any opinions.
    after the 1st week

    Few days later...


    Today 9/25/09
  2. Hey bro, Pacific Northwest represent... Nice little lady you got there. I'm a noob but looks like you have a healthy female to me. I've seen a lot of outdoor MJ's since I moved here. So even though I haven't grown YET. I've been shown what they should look like and not outdoors. Your doin good, but its about to get cold here? Have you thought about that?

  3. Yea ive got a few weeks left im pretty sure ill have some bigger buds by then but i'm sure this plant wont be able to live out through its desired flowering period, the first frost is usually begining of november or late october but its still getting sketchy
  4. Washington represent.
  5. Have you thought about bringing her in if the weather conditions get to bad? By the looks of her I think she could handle it.
  6. If you can cover her up if the frost comes. Let her finish right where she is. A simple cover will work. Make a frame out of wood over your plant. Get some 3mm or 6mm plastic at home depot. every night when it get dark cover your plants. Then remove the plastic first thing in the morning. This will work and it is simple. If it get really frosty then drop a few hand warmers on your soil. You can also use this set up for rain and wind storms.

  7. Shes a tough plant like really, and shes anchored in the ground I couldnt bring her inside the transplant would be way too hard this plant is about 5 months old shes strong
  8. Bring inside? why would you do that? I must have missed something?

    If your not worried about frost then kewl. If you are I would make a make shift cover to cover on frosty nights.

    That is if you can make a cover and still fill safe/stealth.
  9. Yea the only part about the covering is I wopuld lose allot of stealthyness. I may be able to do it. October 1st,2nd, and 3rd are supposed to be in the 40's-50's with rain. But shes a hearty plant I just hope she makes it
  10. The past few nights my plants have been outside and the weather has been in the low 40's and there fine...no frost yet does anyone know where I could get a first frost date for RI?

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