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WA Medical Law on outdoor growing

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by CommieNerd, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I guess I need to start a new topic on how to start or work with a co-op or dispensery.
  2. Are you even from here?

    The dispensaries as of July 22nd are not legal if they are not approved by the city they operate in. (Technically) However as you read below i give explanation for my comment:

    Some cities are tolerant. Others are not - Why do you think the ones in Kent were shut down? Because they were Illegal as per city ordinance and state law that took effect in July.

    So yes the ones operating outside a city within county limits still run in a grey area.. as they always have.

    Also if the dispensaries are not giving you a form to sign when you leave, which revokes the coverage you just recived, technically they are now serving more then one patient every 15 days and are operating outside the law.

    The new way of doing things is established already - Everything operates in gray areas and there are a few that could easily get raided and legally shut down.
  3. North End Club 420, which I know one of the owner's wife, I think was like this. It is still open, but got raided.
  4. Should get some pnw gc community gardens goin! Anyone got the space to hold 45 plants? Lol
  5. Yes! I'm trying to get a place with enough space for it. Don't know when...

  6. I am from washington, and I am a card holder. From what I understand, dispensaries are illegal, yes. However, "collective gardnes" are not. Difference being, dispensaries can have any number of patients, collective gardens, can only have 10.

    Besides, you made it sound like you were stating that dispensaries are only in seattle, which is wrong.

    They are in plenty of other counties.
  7. I had heard that dispensaries are a grey area because of the changing of money.
  8. #28 3citymedical, Aug 27, 2011
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    southeast washington doesn't see much rain

    and outdoor is legal as long as its not visible by public

  9. The Major contention has been wording. As always selling is prohibited hence why the term donation was being used.

    An attempt was made to limit this by creating the city tax and ordinance law that gave cities permission to run a dispensary.

    Currently the ONLY city in which dispensaries are 100% legal within the law is Seattle.

    Now the "collective gardens" That hiimhi is talking about yea.. 10 patient 45 plant max grows. Can be as little as 3 patients however. But these have little to do with dispensaries.

    Now moving to skunks comment: NO It is NOT illegal to grow outside.

    My local Sherrif would have taken issue with he plants outside I recently showed him. They are not protected or secured. They are in the middle of a horse pasture surrounded by nettles and blackberries. They are however, not exactly accessible unless somebody is tresspassing.

    But I can understand the resistance you are getting.

    I've been contemplating a move back to where I'm originally from in Eastern Washington. I called the police and sherrifs department to find out the local stance on medical op's within that city. The Sherrifs once again said they would not mess with me but the city pd in Richland and Kennewick said they would treat me as any other illegal grower... Pasco however said they have no interested in medical growers with just a few plants like mine

    I think this is just a big issue in itself.. there is non uniform treatment of patients and growers county to county city to city.

    3 cities all separated by bridges only and 2 will bust you 1 will not.

    Walla Walla apparently pd is pretty legit there and easy to work with according to a friend with bone spurs there.

    Spokanne.. screw Spokannne lol.
  10. you're fine growing in kennewick as long as your plants aren't growing over your fence
  11. I wonder what the deal is around Gig Harbor and Tacoma. Guess to be safe, we truck it to Seattle.

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